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Telehealth Vet Consultation

Our convenient and easy-to-use video consultation option is another reason why BetterVet is a better way for your pet to receive veterinary care. Book a telehealth vet appointment whenever you have questions about your pet’s behavior, nutritional needs, or to follow up with your vet about a health concern. You can book a quick video consultation from anywhere, anytime you need to!

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Telehealth Vet Consultation

When to Video Chat with Your Vet

You can book a vet video call whenever you want to check in with your vet about your pet’s health and well-being. Vet video consultations are stress-free for you and your furry family member - you’ll connect virtually with one of our doctors, who will view your pet through the camera and together, you’ll create a plan for his or her care. Some common reasons why you might want to set up a video consultation are:

  • When a new pet has joined the family and you are looking for guidance (congratulations on your new fur-baby!)
  • If you have questions about your pet’s nutrition or current weight
  • When you have concerns about your pet’s behavior
  • If you are worried about your pet’s health and are unsure whether you should schedule an in-home visit.
  • When you have follow-up questions after your pet’s Wellness Exam, Sick Visit, or about his or her medication.

Should You Book a Home Visit or Video Vet Appointment?

Our video consultations provide expert telemedicine for a variety of non-emergency issues. Virtual visits are great for pet parents who have concerns about their pet, but are not sure whether to schedule an in-home visit.

Our medical team is available during normal business hours, so please reach out to us if you are unsure which type of appointment to book. If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, bring your pet to the nearest Veterinary Emergency clinic.

Tech-Enabled Vet Care

When you need a quick check-in with your vet, Video Consultations are an affordable and convenient option for pet parents. What do our BetterVets cats and dogs think of our telemedicine option? They give the stress-free vet experience two paws up!

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