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Benefits for Pets

Less stress
Less stress and anxiety; ideal for senior pets and multi-pet households.
Reduced risk of contagious diseases
Reduced risk of contagious diseases and improved accuracy in diagnosis.
Mobile vet care is more personalized
Mobile vet care is more personalized and provides a peaceful environment.

What Our Clients Say

Andrea F
BetterVet San Diego
The virtual visit went well, the vet was on time and helpful. We were able to easily schedule a follow up visit at our home with a vet for the same week.
Leni Jomok
BetterVet San Francisco
If you are one who values time like me, this service will ensure that your time is valued. After having bad experiences of having to wait 6 hrs to NOT be seen by a Veterinarian, this In-Home Vet Care is a find. They do come prepared to offer you the same professionalism and services of a regular hospital but in the comfort of your home. So, if you contemplating about using their services --I highly recommend that you try them out.
Bailey Mier-Nava
BetterVet Houston
The ladies Dr. Gutierrez and Erin who came to help us with helping our dog pass on were amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The amount of patience and compassion shown was more than I would have thought I could receive from a vet. Thank you so much for all that you did for my family.
Meghan T
BetterVet Chicago
My cat is super anxious and gets so scared going to the vet. Having a virtual appointment was so much easier and I was able to get the answers I needed.
Genesis Peralta
BetterVet Denver
First time trying this service, it was amazing! They come to your house and check your pet without your pet stressing. Would recommend and definitely contacting next time.
Parvati Bradley
BetterVet Orange County
Dr. Leffman and Jordan visited my home to give my 15 1/2 year old Golden Retriever, Marley a wellness exam. They were both very caring and respectful. Marley was in extreme pain due to arthritis, and 3 days later he is 95% better. I couldn't be happier. My boy is acting like a puppy. Very happy with BetterVet.
Tamara Burton
BetterVet Miami
Great experience! My dog didn't have to struggle to get in the car with her arthritic hips. They did a full service visit with labs. Very happy!
Brigeda Hernandez
BetterVet Austin
My best friend had to put her cat down today. The vet, Dr. Danielle, could not have been sweeter. She talked us through everything and reassured us that it was the right thing to do, etc etc. It was a rough day for sure, but we were in good hands.
Emily Richmond
BetterVet Chicago
Our 1year old American bulldog mix has severe anxiety and gets car sick every time we go on car rides. Having Dr. Karie come to our home for her yearly check up was a godsend. She gave Sadie a very thorough check up with suggestions for her anxiety and diet, and was able to give her all her vaccinations in our home. Highly recommend!!!
Laura Cimo
BetterVet Dallas
I had Dr. and her assistant visit my cat Cedar today. They were amazing! They came so prepared! They had all of her records from the number of Vets that she had seen so far for her allergies. They were both very patient and spent a lot of time going through the history and explaining a plan for next steps in treatment for her. I know with their help we will get Cedar felling better very soon. I could not be any happier with the visit!
Meghan Schuldt
BetterVet Boston
Dr. Keifer and his assistant were so sweet to my 17 year old kitten baby. It's so stressful going on a car ride to the vet, so it was fantastic to have vet services at my home. I was able to book an appointment on a Saturday for the next Tuesday, which is so much better than trying for a spot on a wait-list at a brick and mortar vet. I will continue to use BetterVet.
BetterVet Palm Beach
I took my Chihuahua, Roxy in to have a tooth extracted that was infected. I was referred to Dr. Steve from a neighbor and I thank him tremendously. Dr. Steve and his Assistant Chris took in Roxy and were so caring and sweet with her. I had just met the two gentlemen and felt so comfortable and trusting with my pet. Claudia his secretary called me the following day to ask me if everything was okay with Roxy and if I had any issues tom please feel free to call Dr. Steve...I highly recommend the vet to anyone who would ask.