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Sick Visit

When your pet isn’t feeling well, or you have concerns about their overall health, we’ll come to you.

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Sick Visit

Physical & Wellness Exam Services

Our veterinarians will perform a comprehensive nose-to-tail examination of your pet to ensure they are happy and healthy. Our wellness exam includes the following services:

Wellness Exam Services

Wellness exams are key to your furry family members health and longevity. This is a type of preventative care examination to ensure you’re staying on top of your pet’s health needs.

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Wellness Exam Services

Scanning & Imaging Services

In select locations our mobile vet care teams can perform scanning and diagnostic imaging services using the latest veterinary technology. Some are small enough to be done in-home while others require our mobile vet trucks.

*These types of services can be added on to a sick visit.

Telehealth & Telemedicine Services

BetterVet offers online veterinary telehealth and telemedicine consultations to answer all of your pet health questions.

Virtual Vet Visits

Our veterinary video consultations provide expert telemedicine for a variety of non-urgent issues. Virtual visits are a great option when you have concerns about your pet, but are unsure whether they should be seen. Our veterinary care team is available during regular business hours.

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Virtual Vet Visits

End-of-Life Care Services

Watching your pet grow old or develop a chronic condition is difficult. That’s why we provide compassionate end-of-life care for your furry family members, which include:

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Mobile Surgical Services

Our veterinarians are skilled in routine and elective surgeries and outpatient procedures. These services are performed by our doctors at our mobile clinics or partner hospitals.