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Sick Visit

When your pet isn’t feeling well, or you have concerns about their overall health, we’ll come to you.

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Sick Visit
Service | Blood Work

During a home visit, we can draw a small pet blood sample to test for common illnesses and disease.

Service | Allergies & Dermatology

If your pet is experiencing signs of allergies, we’ll provide treatment options and referrals.

Service | Neurological Examination

As part of your pet’s examination, we can evaluate your pet’s symptoms and neurological functioning.

Service | Orthopedic Examination

During an in-home visit, we’ll evaluate your pet’s orthopedic health and discuss any concerns.

Service | Pet Pain Management

If your pet is in pain, we’ll make a plan during a home visit to help them feel better again.

Physical & Wellness Exam Services

Our veterinarians will perform a comprehensive nose-to-tail examination of your pet to ensure they are happy and healthy. Our wellness exam includes the following services:

Wellness Exam Services

Wellness exams are key to your furry family members health and longevity. This is a type of preventative care examination to ensure you’re staying on top of your pet’s health needs.

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Wellness Exam Services
Service | Puppy and Kitten Wellness

Regular vet visits for puppies and kittens are essential to support their growth and development.

Service | Vaccination

Keep your pet up to date on essential vaccines and boosters as part of their preventative care plan.

Service | Microchipping

Improve the chances of being reunited with your pet should they get lost with in-home microchipping.

Service | Pet Nutritional Planning

Consult with one of our vets about your pet’s nutritional needs and long-term health.

Service | Pet Behavior Counseling

Address general pet behavior questions and concerns and get recommendations from one of our vets.

Scanning & Imaging Services

In select locations our mobile vet care teams can perform scanning and diagnostic imaging services using the latest veterinary technology. Some are small enough to be done in-home while others require our mobile vet trucks.

*These types of services can be added on to a sick visit.

Service | Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Veterinary radiology is used to diagnose a wide range of medical conditions in pets.

Service | Electrocardiogram (ECG)

When needed, we can perform a mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) service to better diagnose your pet.

Service | Mobile Pet Ultrasound

When ultrasound imaging is needed to diagnose and treat your pet’s condition, we can help.

Pet Travel Certificate Services

Whether you’re going across state lines or visiting another country, our veterinarians can help you obtain the necessary documents for traveling with your pet.

Service | Domestic Travel Certificate

When planning domestic travel with your pet, we’ll help you meet state requirements before visiting.

Service | International Travel Certificate

Before traveling internationally with your pet, we will help you comply with the requirements of ...

Telehealth & Telemedicine Services

BetterVet offers online veterinary telehealth and telemedicine consultations to answer all of your pet health questions.

Virtual Vet Visits

Our veterinary video consultations provide expert telemedicine for a variety of non-urgent issues. Virtual visits are a great option when you have concerns about your pet, but are unsure whether they should be seen. Our veterinary care team is available during regular business hours.

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Virtual Vet Visits

End-of-Life Care Services

Watching your pet grow old or develop a chronic condition is difficult. That’s why we provide compassionate end-of-life care for your furry family members, which include:

Service | In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia at home allows pets to cross the rainbow bridge peacefully and surrounded by love.

Service | Quality-of-Life Consultation

Keep your aging or ill pet comfortable at home as long as possible with hospice planning and care.

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Mobile Surgical Services

Our veterinarians are skilled in routine and elective surgeries and outpatient procedures. These services are performed by our doctors at our mobile clinics or partner hospitals.

Service | Neutering

Our expert vets provide stress-free pet neutering surgery at partner veterinary hospitals near you.

Service | Spaying

Our expert vets provide stress-free spaying services at partner veterinary hospitals near you.

Service | General Surgery

Your pet will be in good hands with our experienced doctors when a routine surgery is needed.

Service | Dentistry

When your pet needs a dental cleaning, we’ll ensure that they stay comfortable and stress-free.