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Most Employees are Pet Parents

Research shows us that:


Pet Parents
The majority of your employees are pet parents. Of the more than 90 million U.S. households, over 70% have at least one pet at home.
Pet Friendly Employer
95% of pet parents consider their pet to be a member of the family and 84% in the U.S. treat their pets as they would their own children. Being a pet-friendly employer matters.
Raising a pet
Raising a pet is expensive. In fact, 47% of pet parents report carrying some pet-related debt. BetterVet Wellness Club helps employers alleviate some of this financial burden for their employees.

BetterVet Wellness Club is Better for Business

Perks for Employers


  • It’s FREE for Employers
    BetterVet Wellness Club Memberships are provided to your employees at no cost to you.
  • Attracts New Talent
    Research shows that companies that support pet-friendly policies are more attractive to prospective employees.
  • Increases Productivity
    42% of employers saw an increase in productivity with the addition of a pet-friendly benefit for employees.
  • Aligns with Hybrid and Remote Workplaces
    Wellness Club is a modern benefit that is aligned with today’s work policies.
  • Increases Employee Retention
    78% of employees are more likely to stay in their current roles if the benefits are attractive.
  • Nationwide Coverage Area
    BetterVet continues to expand from coast to coast to support companies with multiple office locations.

BetterVet Wellness Club is Better for Employees

Perks for Pet Parents


  • Elevates Wellness
    Owning a pet is beneficial to employees’ mental health - reducing depression, stress, anxiety, and loneliness.
  • Elevates Care
    BetterVet’s team of compassionate veterinary nurses and doctors examine pets at home, helping to keep them (and their humans) feeling safe and happy.
  • Saves Time
    In-home veterinary visits can save an estimated 3-4 hours of time vs. a visit to a vet clinic. Employees can schedule an appointment online or through our convenient app.
  • Saves Money
    Our Wellness Club memberships help employees budget the cost of vet care and make it easier for pets to get the care they need. Our Family Wellness plan is FREE for employees and our Premium Wellness plan is offered at a reduced rate.
  • Free, Unlimited Virtual Vet Visits!
    All Wellness Club membership plans now include unlimited virtual vet visits for employees.
  • No Travel Fees!
    Premium plans now include unlimited FREE travel fees for any home visit appointments beyond what are included in your plan.

Provide Pet Wellness to Employees for FREE

Veterinary Care
Accessing veterinary care is more difficult now than ever, but BetterVet Wellness Club makes it easier for employees to manage their pet’s care with unlimited virtual visits, convenient mobile appointments, and a flat monthly payment.
We have two membership tiers
We have two membership tiers for employees - our FREE Family membership tier and our Premier membership tier, offered at an exclusive corporate rate. Both include unlimited virtual vet visits. Offering a Wellness Club membership to your employees requires no financial commitment from employers - it’s truly a win-win.

Pricing for Employees

Free for our Corporate Partners

  • Unlimited virtual vet appointments
  • 15% off all services
$89  $76/month*
Per Pet (billed to employee)
*Pricing may vary depending on the location
  • Everything in Family, plus:
  • Up to Two Home Visits
  • Up to Two Comprehensive Exams
  • Core Vaccinations
  • Custom-Lifestyle Vaccinations
  • Routine Laboratory Screening
  • Fecal Test
  • Heartworm Test (for dogs)
  • FeLV/FIV Test (for cats)
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Deworming
  • Nutritional Planning

FAQ for Employers

What’s the difference between a Wellness Club Membership and pet health insurance?

A BetterVet Wellness Club membership is not the same as pet health insurance. A Wellness Club membership gives pet parents peace of mind by covering the routine vet care their pets will need, such as checkups, virtual vet visits, vaccinations, and lab work, and breaks them down into affordable monthly payments. In contrast, pet insurance covers unplanned emergency vet care on a case-by-case basis, but does not cover routine or preventative wellness care.

Is there any financial commitment required of the employer to offer Wellness Club benefits to employees?

No. We want to eliminate any barriers to offering BetterVet Wellness Club benefits to your employees, so there is absolutely no financial obligation for employers to participate in our basic program - it’s completely free for our corporate partners.

How does the corporate rate for employees differ from the standard cost of a Wellness Club membership?

One of BetterVet’s goals is to make veterinary care as affordable and accessible as possible for pet parents. Instead of offering a Family membership at the standard cost of $20 per month, corporate employees are now able to participate for free for the first year. Additionally, employees can join our Premium membership plan at an exclusive rate that’s discounted by over 20%, compared to standard pricing.

Is there a minimum employee enrollment requirement?

BetterVet is here for all businesses — big and small.

How long does it take to implement Wellness Club memberships for employees?

Implementation is easy and can be set up within a few days. Our team works directly with our corporate partners during the initial setup to launch Wellness Club benefits for employees and will assist with ongoing engagement and communication throughout the year.

What if an employee has more than one pet?

Both the Family and Premium membership plans include unlimited virtual vet appointments for all members of the household.

About BetterVet

BetterVet is a full-service mobile veterinary practice supported by a strong digital platform. We provide comprehensive veterinary services conveniently to pet owners, right in the comfort of their homes. We understand pet owners’ needs and feelings, leverage technology to connect with them and their pets, and see the world through the lens of people - and pets - first.

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I could not be more pleased with the quality care I received from BetterVet! They were extremely considerate of my pet, professional in their services, and unusually soothing to my cat. I am very grateful for this service and recommend it highly!
Wendy M.
Five stars
Google Review
Amazing service! They were so kind and patient with my anxious dog. Also took time to get a thorough history and explain things to me. Plus the convenience of scheduling via the app and staying in your own home. Definitely a customer for life!
Tracy E.
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