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Benefits of a Mobile Pet ECG Exam

Your BetterVet veterinary care team is able to perform dog and cat ECGs, without the need to transport your pet to a traditional veterinary clinic.


Proactive Health Monitoring

As part of our comprehensive wellness service offerings, your veterinarian may recommend an ECG as a proactive health measure.


Personalized Treatment Plans

Our mobile vets spend quality time with each pet and create a personalized treatment plan based on a comprehensive physical exam and diagnostic testing, such as ECG.


Convenience of Home

Our mobile ECG service brings both convenience and comfort to pet parents by eliminating the need for car rides and clinic visits.


Peace of Mind for Pet Parents

Diagnostic tests such as an ECG provide pet parents with immediate insights into your pet's cardiac health, offering peace of mind about your dog or cat’s well-being.

What Pet Health Problems Can an ECG Exam Reveal?

An ECG provides information about your pet’s cardiac health, such as:

  • Heart rhythm

  • Heart rate

  • Arrhythmias

  • Atrial or ventricular abnormalities

  • Certain forms of heart disease

  • Syncope (fainting) episodes

  • Pre-anesthetic screening

How Our Veterinary EKG Service Works

The ECG process is simple and painless. Our veterinarians will explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Thorough Health Check

Thorough Health Check

Your pet’s ECG will take place during a comprehensive Physical Wellness or Sick Exam, during which your veterinarian will provide a thorough checkup of your pet from nose to tail. 

Conducting the ECG Exam

Conducting the ECG Exam

Once your dog or cat is calm and comfortable your veterinarian will perform the following steps:

  • Apply rubbing alcohol or gel and place the ECG electrodes on  your pet’s legs.

  • Record your pet’s electrical impulses for as short as a minute’s time, up to a few minutes. 

  • After the test, your veterinarian may send the results out to a veterinary cardiologist for interpretation.

Reviewing Results & Next Steps

Reviewing Results & Next Steps

Your pet’s ECG report can take up to five business days to interpret, depending on the cardiology service. Your veterinarian will then contact you to discuss the results.

Post-Exam Care

Post-Exam Care

Once your veterinarian has reviewed the results of your pet’s ECG, they will create and communicate with you about a plan for your pet’s care, including any additional appointments, medications, or referrals.

Why BetterVet?

Our mobile veterinarians examine pets in their favorite spot - a comfy couch, a cozy pet bed, or even your lap! See how we work to keep pets relaxed and happy at home.

What Our Clients Say

Maria Nunez
BetterVet Miami

BetterVet have my full confidence with the life of my son Nico Jones. They are THE BEST in their field, in my professional opinion (being in the medical field myself for so long). I have no worries that my Nico is in great hands. How do I know? Because not only is my Nico living the best life he can (his diagnosis is chronic congestive heart failure) but he is ultimately loved by these individuals. They came by for a procedure at. my house and Nico was so comfortable with them that no sedation was required. Dr. Steve and Chris work incredibly synchronized together and that is key in my eyes. When I spoke to a pet cardiologist and was giving a little history of why Nico was going to visit them, they stated, "Nico is receiving the right medications. His treatment plan is what we would have done and would recommend". That gave me such a peace of mind!!!! Thank you two! You are heaven sent!

Gina Ardillo
BetterVet Miami
"The mobile vets" with BetterVet were wonderful with our boy. Our older cat is terrified of car rides - to the extent that his last couple of trips to the vet have nearly killed him - but given his heart problems and medications, we needed a vet to check him out. He is also not a huge fan of strangers, so even with the car ride removed, we were still nervous about how he would handle strangers invading his space at home to examine him. "The BetterVet starff" are pros, even with such a nervous kitty - they were able to do a physical exam, clean his ears, draw blood, and do an echocardiogram on their portable machine with minimal signs of anger or fear from our cat (he didn’t even hide afterwards, which is very unlike him.) "our BetterVet team" also listened to our concerns, answered our questions, and provided advice. We will definitely use them again.
Joan Bobrycki
BetterVet Denver
A great stress free visit! "The BetterVet team" did a great job performing an at home echocardiogram on my 11 year old fur baby, Barney. Barney was comfortable and calm throughout the at home visit. I was impressed at how soon I was able to schedule Barney for an echocardiogram and with the frequent text chats to prepare for the home visit. Best Vet has a professional and efficient management system for the delivery of quality at home pet veterinarian services.

Should My Pet Be Seen By a Veterinarian?

This is one of the most common questions from pet parents, and with good reason, as it’s natural to worry about your pet’s health and well-being. Our quiz is meant to help you decide whether your pet should be seen for a video consultation, sick exam, or emergency vet clinic visit.
Should My Pet Be Seen By a Veterinarian?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the ECG examination take?

An ECG is performed within the in-home comprehensive Wellness or Sick Exam which typically lasts about 30 to 45 minutes.  The ECG test by itself lasts about one to three minutes but can vary if additional recordings are needed.

Do I need to prepare my pet for the ECG exam?

Unless otherwise specified by your veterinarian, you do not need to do anything special to prepare your pet for an ECG. If your pet becomes highly anxious during their physical exam, you may want to discuss whether pre-visit medication may be in your pet’s best interest.

How soon can I schedule my pet's ECG appointment?

Your pet’s ECG will be performed during an in-home Sick Physical Exam. We have flexible appointment times as well as same-day and next-day availability in many locations.  Contact your BetterVet veterinarian to request an ECG during your pet’s exam.

Does pet insurance cover ECG exams?

Whether your pet’s ECG procedure is covered by your pet insurance will depend on the details of your individual policy. We will be happy to provide you with any records or assistance you need to submit your claim to your insurance company. Please let your veterinarian know what you will need at the time of your visit.

What happens if the ECG reveals a cardiac issue in my pet?

If your pet’s ECG reveals an issue with their cardiac health, your veterinarian will work with you to make the best plan for your pet.

Are there any post-exam care instructions to follow after the ECG exam?

Your pet should not need any special care following an ECG exam, but if additional steps are required, they will make sure they are fully communicated.

What qualifications do your veterinary staff have for conducting ECG exams?

All of our veterinarians are board-certified in small animal medicine and experienced and qualified to perform an ECG.

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Access to high-quality veterinary care
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Convenience and flexibility
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