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Why Veterinary Pain Management at Home

Because our pets may communicate their pain to us in subtle ways, observing and examining your pet in the security of their own home can be a helpful tool. An in-home veterinary pain management examination gives us more information about the origin of your pet’s discomfort and helps guide our decisions about diagnostics and medications to relieve pain.

Our Process

Our Process

A BetterVet veterinary doctor and veterinary technician will arrive at your home ready to discuss, observe, and examine your pet in their comfort zone.
Our Process

Our Process

Your veterinary team will guide you through your options to help keep your pet as pain-free as possible.
Our Process

Our Process

We may also recommend diagnostic testing if we have concerns about the cause of your pet’s pain and refer your pet to other board-certified specialists when necessary. Please note that prescription medication, diagnostic testing, and consultation with other specialists will incur additional costs.

What Our Clients Say

Samantha Tetrault
BetterVet Seattle

My dog had an emergency injury during the weekend and her current vet couldn't see her for 2+ weeks! BetterVet was able to come to my home first thing on Monday morning, and they were excellent with my dog and her injury. Drs. were so kind and helpful, and they put me right at ease. Will definitely use BetterVet again!

They are amazing! My dog has pain and anxiety issues that make it difficult to get him to the vet. So, having them come to our home to see him was the greatest! They were amazing with him and you could tell he was completely comfortable with them! BetterVet was the best decision I could have made for my dog! 5 stars from me and 5 paws from Bentley!!
Parvati Bradley
BetterVet Orange County
Dr. Leffman and Jordan visited my home to give my 15 1/2 year old Golden Retriever, Marley a wellness exam. They were both very caring and respectful. Marley was in extreme pain due to arthritis, and 3 days later he is 95% better. I couldn't be happier. My boy is acting like a puppy. Very happy with BetterVet.
Dan Henkle
BetterVet San Francisco
We used BetterVet for the first time today, and it was so easy! The Vet came right to our house, and she even had a supply of antibiotics and pain meds on hand that our dog needed. We'd definitely use this service again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some signs my dog or cat is in pain?
Signs of pain to look for in dogs include panting, whining, favoring their leg(s), loss of appetite, hiding, and more. Signs that your cat may be in pain include fatigue, hissing, reluctance to move or be pet, and hiding, among others.
What can I give my dog to relieve their pain?

Speak to your veterinarian about whether prescription medication may be needed to control your pet’s pain.

How can I relieve my cat’s pain?
Similar to dogs, we will look at the big picture of your cat’s health and make recommendations to manage their pain. This could include prescription medication, diet and lifestyle changes, and referrals to other specialists when needed.
How do you manage pet pain?
Our veterinarians will consider your pet’s history and make recommendations to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. These could include prescription medication and lifestyle changes. If your pet is in chronic pain and you are concerned about their quality of life, this is something we can discuss together during your home visit.
What are some side effects of pet pain medication?
Your veterinarian will recommend a medication that has the most benefit for your pet. Side effects of common pain medications are usually mild but may include loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and depression. If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s best to reach out to your veterinarian.
What do vets give for pain?
There are many pain management options available to treat your pet’s moderate pain and discomfort and your veterinarian will help determine which one is best. Our veterinarians will custom tailor any prescriptions to your pet’s needs. Please note that we don’t recommend using over-the-counter pain medications to treat your pet.