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What is Quality of Life Care?

Quality-of-Life Care, also called veterinary hospice and palliative care, is focused on keeping your pet as comfortable as possible for as long as possible at home. Our goal is to create a plan with you for your pet’s individualized care. We will also teach you the signs to look for when your pet’s quality of life has become diminished, so you are at peace with a decision to help them cross the rainbow bridge. We are here to support you and your decisions every step of the way.

Our Process

Our Process

One of our veterinarians will visit your home to examine your pet and learn more about their health history.
Our Process

Our Process

Based on the best plan for your pet, your vet may recommend comfort measures such as pain management and nutritional changes.
Our Process

Our Process

Your pet may also require additional support such as subcutaneous fluid, mobility aid, and incontinence management

Quality-of-Life Assessment for Dogs and Cats

Gain a better understanding of your pet’s quality of life with our helpful tool.
Quality-of-Life Assessment for Dogs and Cats

What Our Clients Say

Patrice deAvila
BetterVet Vancouver

I've had pets (cats and dogs) my entire life. Robin and Melissa are hands down the best vets by far. I've had an age range of cats over the past couple years, and two of my geriatric cats had complex and difficult diagnoses and Robin and Melissa supported my cats and greatly extended and improved their quality of life.

Kristen Linck
BetterVet Seattle
I decided to give the mobile vet a try with my girlfriends sick and aging cat, Libby. I knew it would be more expensive but it was well worth the compassionate experience given the circumstances. A vet tech (I'm sorry I forgot her name) and Dr. Rickel came out and discussed options to my partner. After consideration we decided to put her to sleep. I didn't make the appointment initially to do so, and they were able to stay and take time to make the process as gentle as possible both for Libby and my partner. I am sure they had other appointments they needed to go to but we never felt rushed at all. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of Libby and my girlfriend.
Craig Firestone
BetterVet Miami
Dr. and Nurse were so compassionate and made my 16 year old cat like a kitten. got him back to health in one visit. This is the only way to go!!!
Jesse Steele
BetterVet Chicago
From the moment I met them downstairs at my building they made me feel very comfortable. They were professional but very friendly and warm. They seem to genuinely care about my pet, Bonnie who will turn 16 this month. We discussed Bonnie and her medical history. They made her comfortable in my home which was wonderful for both her and I. We discussed all of her issues I got everything done that I would have wanted done at a brick-and-mortar store. Of course for me one of the best parts was the fact that Bonnie was happy and did not get stressed out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Felicia Sorrentino
BetterVet Austin
I turned to BetterVet Austin to help me with my 11 yr old German Shepherd that had been unable to stand up for 5 days. They provided same day appointment and were so thorough with checking him and talking me through options to help manage his pain and quality of life. I highly recommend their services when you need a mobile vet and you will definitely be in good hands.
Tracy Engberg
BetterVet Austin
Dr. Fraser and Ben came out and did a complete exam on our 14+ year old dog. They were so wonderful with Max and provided so much guidance to assist us with this next stage of his life. Highly recommend especially if you have an older dog that does not travel well like Max.
Karen Manroe
BetterVet Austin
Our dog is 17 and requires extra loving care. He HATES going to the vet office so we tried BetterVet for a mobile experience. They were knowledgeable, caring and our dog loved them! I will continue to use them for sure.
Dan Clark
BetterVet Baltimore
Very caring with our elderly cat, listened to us, informed us at each step what was going on, what they observed, and what the plan going forward might be. They were as gentle as they possibly could be, and really put our cat at ease. We are new customers and will definitely use their services again and again!
Donovan Golden
BetterVet Vancouver
Needed a vet for my aging dog, prices are reasonable and the care is helping my dog, highly recommend this service for those that can't move a large dog to a building.
Stacy Selby
BetterVet Orange County
What a wonderful and caring Veterinarian! Dr. Silvia is well educated in Veterinarian medicine, she keenly caught a diagnosis that my previous Veterinarian missed. Dr. Sylvia's true compassion and caring nature is tops. It was evident when she and her team were in constant communication during the hospice period, We miss our "Bob" deeply but knowing she is there for our "Jack" is something I can't put into words. There are not enough thank you's or stars... I highly recommend.
Mike Logan
BetterVet Eugene
Thankful we discovered BetterVet Mobile Care. Our senior cat was ill and we didn't think she would be with us much longer. Dr. Rensema and nurse Kate arrived to our home in their fully equipped mobile van. First the team preformed a complete exam including a blood draw. Then we were given a step by step plan to get Boo feeling better again.The team was able to observe Boo in her own environment in our home and make simple suggestions to make her more comfortable. We will call BetterVet Mobile Care for all of our future pet care needs. -Donna Logan

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help my dog pass away peacefully?
Dog end-of-life services and humane euthanasia should be considered when your dog is no longer able to live independently and without pain. In-home euthanasia allows you to spend quality time with your pet during the entire procedure, rather than being transported to a clinic, and your pet can stay in the comfort of home, surrounded by loved ones. If you're concerned about your pet's quality of life and want to discuss end-of-life care or schedule an in-home euthanasia, our compassionate veterinary doctors and nurses are here to help.
Can dog euthanasia be done at home?
As a mobile veterinary care practice, we do offer in-home euthanasia services, where your pet is most comfortable. It is your choice whether you want to stay in the room with your pet during their final moments.
How will I know if it’s time to euthanize my cat?
Deciding when to euthanize your cat is an incredibly difficult and personal decision. During a Quality-of-Life Consultation, one of our veterinarians will discuss your cat’s current health condition and comfort level with you, as well as recommendations for hospice care or humane euthanasia.
How long do dogs live in hospice?
How long a dog lives with a hospice care plan depends on their medical condition and quality of life. A Quality-of-Life Consultation will help you to determine what kind of support your pet needs to live comfortably. When a dog is receiving dog palliative care at home, we will continue to evaluate your dog’s comfort level based on questions such as, are they able to move around freely and without pain?
Is letting my cat pass away naturally better than euthanization?
End-of-life care for cats is best addressed with your veterinarian during a Quality-of-Life consultation. Your veterinarian can help you decide which path is the right one for your cat, based on their level of comfort and mobility. If your pet is not in serious discomfort and seems happy, we would recommend a hospice care plan to support your cat for as long as possible.
What happens when a dog is euthanized at home?

An in-home euthanasia appointment typically lasts 20-45 minutes, which allows us to go forward at your pace without rushing through any part of the process. If you feel comfortable we encourage you to stay with your pet during the entire procedure. You can also have other family members present part or all of the time.

One of our compassionate veterinarians will let you know how the procedure works every step of the way, and make sure you are comfortable moving forward. If you are worried about what to expect, your vet will be available to answer all your questions. Your pet will first be given a sedative, which will help them to relax.

Once your pet is completely relaxed or has fallen asleep, we place a pad underneath them to protect your floor or furniture, as some pets may pass urine or stool as they cross the rainbow bridge. Your veterinarian will then administer the final injection intravenously. The entire procedure is peaceful and painless and is much like falling into a deep sleep.