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What to Expect From a Pet Behavior Consultation

What to Expect From a Pet Behavior Consultation

During a home visit, your doctor will evaluate your pet’s age, breed, lifestyle, activity level, individual health concerns, and behavior.
What to Expect From a Pet Behavior Consultation

What to Expect From a Pet Behavior Consultation

If you have any specific concerns about your pet’s behavior, we can make appropriate recommendations and referrals to a board-certified behaviorist.
What to Expect From a Pet Behavior Consultation

What to Expect From a Pet Behavior Consultation

If you are looking for online pet behavior help, a video consultation may be an excellent option, especially if your dog is anxious or aggressive around strangers in your home.

Why Pet Behavior Counseling

When you are looking for general pet behavior advice, asking your BetterVet team for help is a great place to start. If we feel that your pet’s behavior requires the assistance of a board-certified behavior specialist, we can work closely with a veterinary behaviorist of your choice. To locate a pet behavior specialist in your area, you can visit The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB)’s website.

Does My Dog Have Anxiety?

All puppies and dogs feel stressed at times, but if you’re wondering whether  your pup’s anxiety level is higher than normal, take our quiz to learn more.
Does My Dog Have Anxiety?

What Our Clients Say

Megan Danitz
BetterVet Denver

I decided to switch to home vet care over going into a clinic. Doctor Dugger and Jenn came to my home and spoke with me about some concerns I had with my dog. They were both friendly and knowledgeable. As a dog trainer and someone who’s worked with dogs professionally for over 14 years, I found Dr. Dugger to be very knowledgeable even when I had questions about anxiety / behavior. Dr. Dugger and Jenn were patient and kind with my dog and were able to handle him without any issues and without scaring him. In my opinion, home veterinary care should be the norm. It’s less stressful on your pet. I highly recommend Dr. Dugger!

Ashley Hook
BetterVet Portland
Had a consultation after my cat had a seizure because every vet in my city is booked for weeks. Not only did I get the reassurance I was looking for, but the vet I spoke to was incredibly kind and informative. Compared to the rates of other vets, I will definitely keep using BetterVet as they are able to keep their rates low and offer attentive, hands-on care which is such a huge sign of relief! Literally could not be more grateful.
K Aim Duff
BetterVet Chicago
Dr. Rives and Nurse Kramer were awesome. I love Dr. Rives holistic approach - she really took the time to ask about our cat’s behavioral challenges and gave us great insight and advice on how to handle. We’re so happy that we don’t have to go through the stress of putting him in a carrier and traveling for vet visits. Actually looking forward to our fur baby’s next appointment!
Kelsie Pyle
BetterVet San Francisco
I had the best experience with Dr. Jamie and her very helpful assistant! My dog, Maggie, is 14 and has been struggling with anxiety. Going to the vet is very scary for her so it was so wonderful to have them come to the house. They sat on the floor with her and she didn’t even realize she was getting an examination. They had the meds ready in their bag and it was all so smooth and wonderful. I highly recommend!
Matthew Fischer
BetterVet Austin
Dr. Tunison and her colleague were amazing. They were efficient, knowledgeable, and explained everything very well to me. Most importantly (to us) was that they were patient and understanding of our rescue dog's anxiety. As a result our dog loved them both. Very happy to have found this vet. On a follow-up visit, Dr. Kingsley and her team were also amazing! Really great team, all around. Absolutely worth every penny.
ali palacios
BetterVet Detroit
I recommend BetterVet to any and all pet owners. My cat was acting off so I booked an in home visit for the next day ( I called all around town and no one would look at my cat). My cat ended up being in kidney failure and they did everything they could to get us into an ER and checked up on him just as much as I did. Dr. Jessica Rice and Paige are awesome and you will not regret booking them!!
Nicole C
BetterVet Seattle
Such an amazing service! Dr. Rickel was fantastic and took such care with both of my animals, particularly my dog who is an anxious girl. She helped uncover the mystery of my dog's strange behavior (high blood pressure!) and get my aging pets the medicine they need to keep thriving. Would highly recommend to anyone. Fast, convenient and actually have availability!
We loved them! They did a great job getting to know Penelope and eased her anxiety. I highly recommend BetterVet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does pet insurance cover behavioral training?
Most pet insurance companies do not cover the cost of behavior training. However, a comprehensive in-home exam scheduled with BetterVet can address general behavioral concerns. While different from pet insurance, we have a convenient BetterVet Wellness Club option - a membership-based wellness plan that includes vet care options like home visits and unlimited telemedicine. If you are looking for formal pet training and consultation, we can refer you to a board-certified pet behavioral specialist.
What is a pet behavioral exam?
There are several pet behavior assessments available today. They are designed to collect information about your pet’s behavior and identify areas that need improvement and/or training. While we do not offer a pet behavior exam as a stand-alone service, we do incorporate questions about your pet’s behavior and overall adjustment into every home visit and can make any necessary referrals to a pet behavior specialist. 
Is there an online pet behavioral consultation available?
Some pet behavior specialists and trainers may offer behavioral consultations online. You can also address general concerns regarding your pet’s behavior during a virtual vet visit with one of our veterinarians. Schedule an appointment today or join BetterVet Wellness Club, which includes unlimited virtual vet visits and the routine vet care your pet needs.