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Benefits of Mobile Animal Radiology

Veterinary radiology helps your veterinarian to take a closer look at your pet's bones and internal structures for signs of disease or injury. Our Fear Free® veterinary professionals are trained to minimize anxiety and focus on your pet’s comfort level.


Accurate Diagnosis from Home

Based on your location, your veterinarian may be able to take diagnostic images of your pet in your home or in the BetterVet vehicle with a mobile veterinary X-ray machine, saving you the time and stress of transporting your pet to a traditional clinic.


Hassle-Free Imaging Experience

Your veterinarian may be able to perform X-ray services during an in-home visit or will make any necessary referrals, ensuring a smooth process for you and your pet.


Advanced Imaging Techniques

Advanced imaging techniques assist veterinarians in diagnosing health issues such as bone fractures, respiratory diseases, urinary bladder stones, and arthritis. Dental radiology is also used during our dental cleaning process, allowing veterinarians to better understand what is happening with the teeth below the gumline.


Detailed Imaging Results

Your veterinarian or veterinary radiologist will review and interpret your pet’s results and make any recommendations for further treatments or testing.

Our Veterinary X-Ray Process

As your veterinary partner, we will help coordinate your cat or dog’s radiology services and based on the results, will create an individualized treatment plan for your pet.

Conducting a Health Assessment

Conducting a Health Assessment

During your pet’s examination, your veterinarian will assess your pet’s health and determine whether diagnostic radiology is necessary.

Performing the X-Ray

Performing the X-Ray

During the imaging process, your pet will be placed on a table or held by a technician while the equipment takes pictures. The process is generally painless and non-invasive, although sedation may be needed for some pets to help them relax.

Post-Imaging Assurance

Post-Imaging Assurance

After a veterinary diagnostic appointment, your veterinarian or veterinary radiologist will review and interpret the results and provide recommendations for further treatments or testing.

Sharing Insights & Guidance

Sharing Insights & Guidance

As your veterinary team, we will maintain continuity of your pet’s care by consulting with any outside specialists and working together to make the best plan for your pet.

Why BetterVet?

Our mobile veterinarians examine pets in their favorite spot - a comfy couch, a cozy pet bed, or even your lap! See how we work to keep pets relaxed and happy at home.

What Our Clients Say

Bruce Herzfelder
BetterVet Boston

Dr. Kiefer and Erin were a great team. Arrived exactly on time per notification - no time wasted in a waiting room. Rolo the dog had his vaccines and a thorough exam of his limp and other hip arthritis, leading to an x-ray and some great recommendations of medications and other therapies. Minot the cat had a biopsy on a lump - he’s a fighter and it wouldn’t have gone well at an animal hospital, but at home he was matter-of-fact about it. Great experience!

Lauren Griffith
BetterVet Austin
The vets were so kind and really helped me understand what my dog needs going forward in her life. I loved how much more at ease my pets were being seen in their own house and they were able to take x-rays in their van in just a few minutes. It was very convenient and they answered all of my questions. Absolutely worth the slightly higher price by a mile!

Veterinary Radiology Service Breakdown

During your pet’s Sick Visit, your veterinarian may recommend radiology services to get a closer look at your pet’s bones, joints, or other internal structures. Depending on your pet’s symptoms and needs, your veterinary doctor may order one of the common X-ray types below.

Chest X-Rays

A chest X-ray may be recommended for a pet with a respiratory illness or breathing issue, as well as to evaluate the heart or lungs to aid in disease diagnosis.

Abdominal X-Rays

Abdominal X-rays may be used to aid in the diagnosis  of conditions involving the intestines, bladder, and other internal abdominal organs.

Orthopedic X-Rays

Orthopedic X-rays may be ordered by your veterinarian to check for injuries, bone tumors or fractures, or to confirm a diagnosis of arthritis.

Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are included in our pet dental cleaning service and are used to get an accurate picture of your pet’s oral health. 

Questions About Your Pet’s Symptoms?

We'll help you decide if your pet requires veterinary attention.
Questions About Your Pet’s Symptoms?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the radiology examination take?

Depending on what type of X-ray your pet will need, taking mages is usually a quick and painless process. Your pet may require sedation prior to the radiology process, but a typical appointment time is between 30-45 minutes.

Does pet insurance cover dog or cat X-rays?

Depending on your pet insurance plan, some companies may cover the cost of pet X-rays. We will be happy to provide documentation to help you submit a claim to your insurance company.

Do I need to prepare my pet for the X-ray?

Your veterinarian will let you know ahead of time if you need to prepare your pet for their X-ray appointment. In some cases, they may recommend that your pet be sedated and will prescribe pre-appointment medication.

How soon can I schedule my pet's radiology appointment?

For BetterVet teams with mobile X-ray equipment, they can take images during a sick visit, which can be scheduled with little to no wait times.

What happens if the X-ray reveals a medical condition in my pet?

If your pet’s X-rays reveal an injury or other health issue, your veterinarian will work with you to keep your pet comfortable and make the best long-term treatment plan.

Are there any post-exam care instructions to follow after the X-ray?

Depending on your pet’s results, your veterinarian will make sure to provide detailed recommendations for any follow-up appointments, medications, and referrals.

What qualifications do your veterinary staff have for conducting radiology exams?

All of our veterinarians are board-certified in small animal medicine and are experienced and have the qualifications to perform pet X-rays.

How do you book an appointment for X-rays?

To book an appointment for pet X-rays, the first step is to book a Sick Visit through our website or mobile app. A veterinarian may recommend X-rays for your pet based on visual and physical examination or the symptoms you describe.

How much does a radiology exam cost for pets?

If your BetterVet doctor recommends pet X-rays during your appointment, they can give you an estimate of the cost. 

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