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What to Expect During Your Pet’s Mobile Vet Blood Work

What to Expect During Your Pet’s Mobile Vet Blood Work

During a home visit your veterinary doctor will draw a small sample of your cat or dog’s blood.
What to Expect During Your Pet’s Mobile Vet Blood Work

What to Expect During Your Pet’s Mobile Vet Blood Work

We will test for certain illnesses like heartworm and tick-borne diseases and can usually deliver your results within 24 hours.
What to Expect During Your Pet’s Mobile Vet Blood Work

What to Expect During Your Pet’s Mobile Vet Blood Work

Should your pet require a more thorough blood panel, we’ll submit samples to our laboratory for further testing and you can expect results back within 2-3 days.

Common Reasons Why Your Pet Might Need Blood Work

  • To establish a baseline for future comparison and screen for certain health conditions
  • For common diagnostic tests such as heartworm and tick-borne illnesses
  • To monitor the effects of a prescribed medication
  • To perform a senior wellness panel to screen for early signs of disease 

What Our Clients Say

Jennifer Shire
BetterVet Boston

Highly would recommend!!! Have been struggling to find a vet in my area since our old vet closed. To awesome vets came to the house, examined my dog, did his blood work and his vaccines!! Not having to stress him out by dragging him to the vet was a huge factor! They were very informative and answered any questions I had. I would refer them hands down to anyone wondering if this type of service is worth it, it absolutely is!!!

Barbara Kruse
BetterVet San Francisco
Dr. Jamie and Nicole were so incredibly patient and helpful. My dog has alot of fear and trauma around vets and they were able to work with us to do a successful blood draw without re-traumatizing my dog. Thank you so much! Highly recommended
Corisa Smith
BetterVet Austin
Our experience with BetterVet was stellar. Dr. Lyndsey Kingsley (and her assistant, so sorry I didn’t catch her name!) are so easy to communicate with and it puts us at ease that it’s clear how much they truly care about our fur baby. Our cat can be quite aggressive in vet situations, so they were able to give her a mild sedative to be able to fully examine her and do blood work and reverse a good percentage of the sedative when done. Although at home pet care can be on the pricier side, we feel it is worth it and look forward to working with Dr. Kingsley going forward.
Tess D
BetterVet Miami
Dr. and her assistant Kalie were absolutely wonderful with my new feral kitty who I adopted. She was very frightened at first but they were able to calm her using gloves for protection and My Princess Brownie Sundae was calm throughout their process of vaccination and complete blood work. Test results were all good and now our Princess is part of our family with our 3 male kitties. There was no way I could get Brownie into a bag to the Vet so I am so very grateful to Dr. Cruz & Kalie for their fabulous mobile Vet Service. They were even able to give me needed medications for Brownie. BRAVO !!! Well Done!
Scott Kenny
BetterVet South Jersey
Dr. Julia & Vet Assistant Katie were both caring and kind upon our BetterVet visit. They wore masks upon entering our apt which was appreciated. They focused on playing with Jasper and making it a good experience for the entire process. He barely noticed as Dr. Julia gave the exam and was too busy eating their treats to notice the bloodwork or the vaccines he was having performed. They asked good questions and offered me many options on prevention such as flea and tick meds and heat worms prevention. All the extra tlc and genuine care and concern assures us that he's in good hands and that we will be using BetterVet for years to come.
Pamela Protani
BetterVet Baltimore
Dr. Anna and Javier were wonderful; very professional, thorough, addressed all of my concerns and most importantly were loving and gentle with my sweet cat. Blood and Lab results were received in less than 24 hours which alleviated any worries on my part. I highly recommend BetterVet!
Mila Ringo
BetterVet Denver
Easily the best vet experience I've ever had from start to finish. I have an anxious senior dog and vet visits are stressful for both of us. I was looking for a new vet recently and came across BetterVet in my search. Their website was easy to navigate and I was thrilled to see they had immediate openings available. Carey called me to gather some more information on my dog and was so kind and helpful. Dr. Carey and Carey arrived for our appointment the next day and were so sweet and gentle with my dog. He loved them both and loved all the treats he got! They listened carefully to my concerns and addressed each one as they went through the exam. They took a blood panel and Dr. Carey emailed me with results the very next morning and followed up with more info about our treatment plan. I am so grateful to have found BetterVet! Having a mobile vet is an absolute game-changer and the experience was so much easier and less stressful for both myself and my dog. I look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Carey.
Jennifer Coleman
BetterVet Eugene
They were right on time and very sweet and gentle with my Bartholomeow. They were able to obtain blood samples and conduct a comprehensive exam right from my living room. I felt as though they took the time to really listen to my concerns and nothing about the visit felt hurried or rushed. It was an excellent experience from start to finish, thank you to Dr. Rensema and Diane for their awesome care :)
Virginia Tan
BetterVet Portland
I love everything about BetterVet. It is convenient to use, including the app, and sign up was a breeze. I missed a routine appointment with my dog’s regular vet and they were booking out 6-8 weeks and I was able to schedule an appointment next day with BetterVet. They were very personable and professional and my dog absolutely loved them. Having them come to my home eliminated the stress and anxiety around bringing him to the vet - my dog didn’t even flinch when they did a blood draw because he was so comfortable with them. She let me know the results of his blood work as soon as she received them, which I know isn’t a big deal, but I’ve had many problems with prior vets being very slow to respond or answer the phone so this was a very big plus for me.
Florida Fine Art
BetterVet Miami
Everything from booking to getting lab results was outstanding. Great compassionate Dr. and wife in office, made my 18 1/2 Havanese at ease for bp and bloodwork, lab results overnight. My dog came home so hyper from doing same things at 2 different vet offices that he was familiar with. Everything was calm and efficient. Love this place!
Rhonda Curtis
BetterVet Denver
Another great visit. Could not be happier and neither can Milo. So much easier for him than traveling for him. Also while I know it is Dr.'s day off she is still working by sending me bloodwork results and suggestions to keep Milo a healthy happy kitty. They do a great job and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will drawing my pet’s blood be painful?
Our Fear Free® certified veterinarians and vet techs are trained to help your pet relax and get comfortable before any examination or blood draw takes place. Our highly skilled vet care teams will ensure that taking your pet’s blood is a quick procedure with minimal discomfort.
Do dogs and cats receive the same blood tests?
Most of the diagnostic blood panels for dogs and cats are similar, although there are some diseases that are specific to each species that require specific blood tests like heartworm screening in dogs and retroviral testing in cats.
How often does my dog or cat need blood testing?
Blood work may be requested by your veterinarian anytime more information is needed to diagnose your pet’s health issue or investigate symptoms they may be experiencing. Your veterinary doctor may also perform a blood test as part of your pet’s annual wellness exams to screen for early signs of subclinical disease. If you have a senior pet or a pet with a chronic medical condition, or a pet on a long term medication, they may require blood work on a more regular basis.