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Mobile Vet Cat & Dog Blood and Lab Work from the Comfort of Home

With a small sample of your dog or cat’s blood, your vet can learn a lot about the current condition of your pet’s health. During a home visit we are able to test for certain illnesses like heartworm and tick-borne diseases and can usually deliver your results within 24 hours. Should your pet require a more thorough blood panel, we’ll submit samples to our laboratory for further testing and you can expect results back within 2-3 days.

Common Reasons Why Your Pet Might Need Blood Work

  • Establish a baseline for future comparison and screen for subclinical conditions
  • For common diagnostic tests such as heartworm and tick-borne illnesses
  • To monitor the effects of a prescribed medication
  • When your dog or cat is experiencing unusual behavior or symptoms of illness
  • To perform a senior wellness panel to screen for early signs of disease

What Information Can Blood Testing Provide?

A blood draw may be recommended for your pet in order to run a Complete Blood Count (CBC), which shows the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets; it is the best way to assess your pet’s immune system. A Blood Chemistry panel may also be ordered if your veterinary doctor has concerns about your pet’s organ function. These tests can be helpful in diagnosing metabolic diseases, liver or kidney insufficiency, or electrolyte imbalances, to name a few. Bloodwork may also be requested ahead of a scheduled surgical procedure to make sure that your pet is healthy enough for their procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will drawing my pet’s blood be painful?
Our Fear Free® certified veterinarians and vet techs are trained to help your pet relax and get comfortable before any examination or blood draw takes place. Our highly-skilled vet care teams will ensure that taking your pet’s blood is a quick procedure with a minimal.
Do dogs and cats receive the same blood tests?
Most of the diagnostic blood panels for dogs and cats are similar, although there are some diseases that are specific to each species that require specific blood tests like heartworm screening in dogs and retroviral testing in cats.
How often does my dog or cat need blood testing?
Blood work may be requested by your veterinarian anytime more information is needed to diagnose your pet’s health issue or investigate symptoms they may be experiencing. Your veterinary doctor may also perform a blood test as part of your pet’s annual wellness exams to screen for early signs of subclinical disease (not included in the cost of your Wellness Exam). If you have a senior pet or a pet with a chronic medical condition, or a pet on a long term medication, they may require blood work on a more regular basis.

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