Modern, mobile veterinary care for happier pets

Give your pet a stress-free veterinary experience. Get all the expert services your pet needs in the comfort of your home.


Keep calm and care at home

Mobile veterinary care isn’t just convenient for you. Examining your pet virtually or in home keeps your furry family feeling safe and happy, and lets our mobile veterinarians better evaluate your pet in their natural environment.


Connect with your vet anytime, anywhere

Get expert veterinary advice in just a few taps. Book a virtual consultation or schedule home visit easily through our app.

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Relax and let us come to you

Our doctors and founders are leaders of trusted veterinary organizations

Plus, with over 100 years of combined veterinary experience, our team of expert veterinarians and nurses has helped over 50,000 happy pets and counting.

American Veterinary Medical Association

Fear Free® Certified

Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Dani Cimino smiling with her two dogs.
Dr. Cimino Chief Veterinary Officer
Dr. Beberman smiling in the snow with her dog
Dr. Beberman Veterinarian
Dr. Braught smiling in a park during the fall season
Dr. Braught Veterinarian
Dr. Mandeville Veterinarian

Enjoy comprehensive, expert veterinary care on wheels

BetterVet is a full-service mobile veterinary practice supported by a strong digital platform. We provide all major veterinary services conveniently to you. View our full list of services

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Video Consultation

Follow-up, nutrition, behavioral and new pet counseling

An illustration of a stethoscope.

Surgery and Dentistry

Spay and neuter, mass removal and dental procedures.   To learn more, check our Services page

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Blood work, urinalysis, parasite testing, and imaging

Illustration of a cat with a fever and an ice pack on his head

Home Visits

Wellness exams, sick visits, urgent care, end of life services and much more

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Home delivery and easy ordering through our online pharmacy

Treat your pet to vet care of the 21st century

The better vet experience is here to stay. Get your first virtual consultation for free when you download the app now.

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Why choose BetterVet?

BetterVet empowers pet parents to get expert, veterinary help from the comfort of their home. Experience stress-free pet care with our premium telehealth and mobile vet services. Easily reach our trusted vets in just a few taps without ever leaving your home!

How do BetterVet veterinarians compare to brick and mortar ones?

At BetterVet, our Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses will provide all of the services you are accustomed to receiving from any other veterinarian; we just bring them to you!

What are the benefits of a home visit?

Pets often associate carriers, car rides, and vet offices with anxiety. By examining your pet at home, it not only eliminates stress and fear, but also allows our doctors to better assess your pet. BetterVet performs all of the standard services a brick-and-mortar provides, just in the comfort of your home. This includes sick and wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm, flea, and tick treatments, blood tests and more.

How much does it cost?

Virtual video consultations cost $75 and our vets can diagnose, give nutrition and behavior advice, and provide recommendations to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Home visits and examinations start at $210 plus the cost of additional vaccinations, medications, or common diagnostics like blood tests.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Watch this video:

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to call our service number, at 617-306-5051

What area does BetterVet service?

We currently provide veterinary services in Greater Boston and Philadelphia. Add your zip code to your profile on our app to see if we provide services in your neighborhood. Please head over to our Locations page to see where we’re expanding next!

What should I do in case of emergency?

If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, go immediately to one of the following 24-hour hospitals closest to you.