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At BetterVet, we're dedicated to providing exceptional at-home veterinary care to pets in the comfort of their own homes. For over 3 years we have offered a convenient & accessible way to keep your pets healthy and happy in Brooklyn and Queens. We believe that preventative care is the key to maintaining your pet's health, and we're committed to providing comprehensive and personalized mobile vet care for every animal we treat.

New York Mobile Vet Services

Our mobile vet team in New York provides high-quality, compassionate pet care for your cat or dog in the comfort of your home. Here's the mobile veterinary services we provide to New York pet owners:

Service | Allergies & Dermatology

Allergies & Dermatology

If your pet is experiencing signs of allergies, we’ll provide treatment options and referrals.

Service | Blood Work

Blood Work

During a home visit, we can draw a small pet blood sample to test for common illnesses and disease.

Service | In-Home Pet Euthanasia

In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia at home allows pets to cross the rainbow bridge peacefully and surrounded by love.

Service | Microchipping


Improve the chances of being reunited with your pet should they get lost with in-home microchipping.

Service | Mobile Pet Ultrasound

Mobile Pet Ultrasound

When ultrasound imaging is needed to diagnose and treat your pet’s condition, we can help.

Service | Neurological Examination

Neurological Examination

As part of your pet’s examination, we can evaluate your pet’s symptoms and neurological functioning.

Service | Orthopedic Examination

Orthopedic Examination

During an in-home visit, we’ll evaluate your pet’s orthopedic health and discuss any concerns.

Service | Pet Behavior Counseling

Pet Behavior Counseling

Address general pet behavior questions and concerns and get recommendations from one of our vets.

Service | Pet Nutritional Planning

Pet Nutritional Planning

Consult with one of our vets about your pet’s nutritional needs and long-term health.

Service | Pet Pain Management

Pet Pain Management

If your pet is in pain, we’ll make a plan during a home visit to help them feel better again.

Service | Puppy and Kitten Wellness

Puppy and Kitten Wellness

Regular vet visits for puppies and kittens are essential to support their growth and development.

Service | Quality-of-Life Consultation

Quality-of-Life Consultation

Keep your aging or ill pet comfortable at home as long as possible with hospice planning and care.

Service | Sick Visit

Sick Visit

When your pet isn’t feeling well or you have concerns about their overall health, we’ll come to you.

Service | Vaccination


Keep your pet up to date on essential vaccines and boosters as part of their preventative care plan.

Service | Virtual Vet Visit

Virtual Vet Visit

Connect with a vet online whenever you have questions about your pet’s health and behavior.

Service | Wellness Exam

Wellness Exam

In-Home Wellness Exams are key to your furry family member’s health and longevity.

New York Mobile Vet Pricing

Below, you’ll find the price ranges for some of our most popular services. Pricing* for in-home veterinary visits will vary based on your location and the specific services your pet requires, along with other factors such as the type, age, and health condition of your pet.

*Prices do not include additional items such as blood work, diagnostic tests, or vaccinations.

Service Price
Wellness/Sick Physical Exam $129
Travel Fee $149
Telemedicine Consultation $69
Vaccination $43 - $140
Fecal Test $50 - $120
Heartworm and Tick Disease Screening (Canine Only) $119
Microchip $89
Quality-of-Life Consultation $339
Euthanasia $309 - $449
Domestic Health Certificate $229
International Health Certificate $599
Please note that regardless of the number of pets attended to during a single visit – you are only charged one travel fee. Euthanasia and diagnostics costs fluctuate depending on the type, age, and health condition of your pet. Prices are subject to modification.

Our New York Mobile Veterinarians

Dr. Scott Perry

Dr. Scott Perry

Dr. Stephanie Peck

Dr. Stephanie Peck

Dr. Laura Fontana

Dr. Laura Fontana

What Our Clients Say

John Cella on Google
My wife and I have been looking for a solid mobile vet that takes house calls, and my wife found BetterVet. "The BetterVet team" were very helpful answering all of our questions and providing options for any pending issues. Also, they were very patient and gentle with our cat Miko. I would definitely recommend them to other pet owners.
Daniel Martin on Google
THE BEST veterinary experience my cat and I have ever had! Their home visit takes so much stress out of the equation for our pet and "the BetterVet team" couldn’t have been more kind and accommodating. Hands down the only vet service I want for our pet.
Jennifer Bailey on Google
Bettervet has been such a relief for us. Our cat is hyper anxious and really goes bonkers being put in a carrier and taken to the vet. The team at Bettervet understand this implicitly. Every time they've come to our house they are gentle, kind and compassionate. The cost ends up being comparable to what we would pay going to a clinic and our kitty is much calmer.
Sam G on Google
Excellent service! "The BetterVet team" were extremely patient and helpful, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular veterinary visits again.
Jessica Henshaw on Google
I cannot say enough about this service . My dog is is 17 and is newly petrified of the car so going to the vet is torture for both of us. "The BetterVet team" came to my home and examined my dog on his favorite rug. He didn’t even have to leave his spot. We got a full exam, updated vaccines and medication without going anywhere. His follow up blood work will also be in our home. They were both so lovely with both my dogs and my kids. This is a huge win for his quality of life and a major convenience for me with two young kids to tote around. Highly highly recommend.

Why BetterVet?

Our mobile veterinarians examine pets in their favorite spot - a comfy couch, a cozy pet bed, or even your lap! See how we work to keep pets relaxed and happy at home.

Mobile Vet Service Area in New York, NY

Serving a 5 mile radius around the Queens and Brooklyn area. From Jamaica to Long Island City and Park Slope to Astoria, we're here for your pets!

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Easy Mobile Vet Booking

Head to our Pet Portal or download our Mobile App to start booking.

When you’re ready, simply book your appointment online. We offer flexible appointment times and next-day availability.

From wellness and vaccination to quality-of-life consultations, we can care for your pet in the comfort of your home.

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Access to high-quality veterinary care
Access to high-quality veterinary care
Convenience and flexibility
Convenience and flexibility
Health monitoring and management
Health monitoring and management

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BetterVet accept pet insurance for mobile vet appointments?

We will gladly provide you with any records or assistance you need to submit your claims to your insurance company. Please let your veterinarian know what you will need at the time of your visit, and reach out to your insurance provider if you have any additional questions.  

How much does a BetterVet mobile vet appointment cost in New York?

Our prices vary depending on the service that your pet needs. Please refer to the pricing chart above or visit our pricing page for more information.

How does a BetterVet mobile vet appointment work?

It's very simple! Select the desired service, access our website or download our mobile application to book your appointment. Choose the date and time that best suits your needs, and you're done.

What are the hours of operation for BetterVet New York?

Our hours of operation are: Mon - Thu:  8 AM - 6 PM (EST).
Support hours: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.      

What mobile vet services does BetterVet provide in New York?

Our New York location offers wellness exams, sick visits, vaccinations, blood work, dermatological exams, microchipping,  neurological exams, pet behavior counseling, pet nutritional planning, pet pain management, puppy and kitten wellness visits, quality-of-life consultations, and virtual vet visits.  

Does BetterVet service apartments in New York?
Yes, BetterVet services apartments as well as homes in New York.
How do I pay for a BetterVet mobile vet appointment? What payment methods does BetterVet accept?
We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. We do NOT accept cash, checks, CareCredit, or Scratchpay. Payment is due at the time services are provided.  
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