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Common Allergic Symptoms in Pets

Common Allergic Symptoms in Pets

Sneezing, wheezing, and coughing could be a sign of inhalant allergies to dust, pollen, or mold.
Common Allergic Symptoms in Pets

Common Allergic Symptoms in Pets

Increased scratching, rubbing, scooting, and licking could be a sign of dermatitis, an acute skin condition.
Common Allergic Symptoms in Pets

Common Allergic Symptoms in Pets

Frequent ear infections.

Our Process

  • During your home visit, your doctor will collect a thorough medical history of your dog or cat to get a timeline of your pet’s symptoms.
  • Allergy testing and diagnostics like cytology, skin scraping, cultures, or blood work may be recommended (for an additional cost).
  • Medications, diet changes, and supplements may be recommended. We may also refer you to a board-certified pet dermatologist if we determine that to be in the best interest of your pet.

Benadryl Dosage Calculator for Pets

Benadryl (diphenhydramine) is generally a very safe over-the-counter medication, and can be useful in treating itching, mild allergic reactions, and mild anxiety in pets when given in the recommended dosage and frequency.
Benadryl Dosage Calculator for Pets

What Our Clients Say

Miranda Hansen
BetterVet Boston

Absolutely wonderful! This service was perfect for our cat Soli, who is friendly but gets very stressed out going to other locations. Dr. Sheila and Jamily were extremely lovely and so helpful, not to mention very knowledgeable and efficient. They even took the time to look around the house and help us identify what might be causing Soli's skin allergies and give other general advice. Soli loved them as well and was happy and curious to make new friends :) Thank you for your excellent service!

Garry Davenport
BetterVet Baltimore
This was our first mobile vet service and we were very pleased with everything. Our cat has had a reoccurring allergy that makes him itch, scratch until he loses hair and his skin becomes inflamed. My wife and I are disabled and getting Shadow to the vet has become a major issue. We now have a mobile service that we can depend on thanks to Bettervet.
BetterVet Philadelphia
The virtual visit with Dr. Perry and the in home follow-up visit with Dr. Coughlin were both very professionally handled. Both vets (and Dr. Coughlin's assist) truly cared, were completely professional and most importantly provided great care for Bennie. His hot spot is well on the way to being healed up. Great service! THANK YOU!
Janine Cappello
BetterVet Philadelphia
A great first experience with BetterVet. My older cat was increasingly stressed by her vet visits so I decided to try this alternative. She was mildly annoyed, but Dr. S. knew exactly what to do. It was a very pleasant experience for my kitty and I, and we got some amazing advice for her skin condition. I highly recommend!
Anita Lawson
BetterVet Miami
I can't say enough good things about BetterVet! Advance communication was excellent, and there was a good pre-visit conversation about preparation. The morning before the visit I was updated with arrival time. My cat is skittish and fearful, so I had medicated him and he was in the bathroom when they came. They did a wonderful job treating his skin infection and updating his rabies vaccination. I can't get him into a carrier, or lift the carrier, so this was such a blessing! I will definitely call them again if the need arises. And my cat is so much less stressed!
Amber Beth
BetterVet Vancouver
Dr. Viviana Reitinger and veterinary assistant were both wonderful, and I'm so grateful I found BetterVet! It was my first time having a veterinarian come to my home and I was surprised by how anxious my kitty was, but they were both happy to improvise as needed. Dr. Reitinger was so knowledgeable and developed a plan to treat my kitty's allergies, even after other veterinarians had told me there was nothing I could do, or prescribed medication that was harmful. I'm would definitely recommend her.
Bonnie Hansen
BetterVet Miami
We were very pleased with Dr. Steve and Chris. Bailey got a very thorough exam, and they came up with some solutions for her allergies. They were very patient with a very active dog. I appreciate the home visit and would recommend BetterVet to all my friends.
Laura Cimo
I had Dr. and her assistant visit my cat Cedar today. They were amazing! They came so prepared! They had all of her records from the number of Vets that she had seen so far for her allergies. They were both very patient and spent a lot of time going through the history and explaining a plan for next steps in treatment for her. I know with their help we will get Cedar felling better very soon. I could not be any happier with the visit!
MizWhite -
BetterVet Baltimore
Caine (our 100 lbs pit bull puppy) has been experiencing skin allergies since he was 8 months old and the only thing we’ve seen was a higher bill and no improvement in his skin. So, my husband and I decided to go another route and found BetterVet. Ms. Anna Kate Morgan was AMAZING! During our visit, she listened to all of our concerns and was very patient when handling Caine. We found out that Caine’s previous vet wasn’t giving him the proper dose or mix of medication and now his skin is slowly clearing. And last but not least…. BetterVet is cheaper than his previous vet! Which is crazy because you would think a mobile vet would be more expensive (go figure…). I will always call Ms.Morgan for all of Caine’s needs.
Brian Holland
BetterVet Boston
Answered all questions I had about any concerns I had with a mole my cat, Puma has, as well as explained in great detail our options moving forward in caring or removal. Also went above and beyond explaining everything else and educated me on further or future precautions and any changes to make in her diet and anything else needed.
Pamela Wallace
BetterVet Pittsburgh
Excellent service! I got stuck at work so my parents handled the appointment but I was there at the tail end. Dr. Olivia Wilson was nice enough to explain everything that she did and everything that she was concerned about, even though she was on her way to the car. She was very kind and explained that with Marina's skin inflammation she would be more comfortable scheduling another appointment for vaccines because she didn't want Marina to be in any more discomfort than she already was. I thought it was very kind of her to think of my pup's comfort rather than money, and that blew me away! She prescibed medication to help Marina and it seems like it's already working. The vet tech was also very nice and explained things to me when she, too, was on her way out the door. I will definitely be scheduling another appointment and am very pleased with our first experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are allergies in pets?
An allergy can develop when your dog or cat’s immune system overreacts to foreign substances in their environment. Their immune system will actively try to remove this foreign substance, which can trigger an allergic reaction. Typically, pets can develop an allergy to food, insects, inhalants, and other allergic substances from your pet’s environment. Note that allergies can happen at any stage in their life.
Is it worth taking your dog to a dermatologist?
If your pet has a chronic skin condition that has not responded to treatment we may recommend that you consult with a board-certified pet allergist or dermatologist. Together, we can make the best plan for your pet.
What is dermatology in veterinary medicine?
While most veterinarians can diagnose and treat common skin issues, chronic conditions that haven't responded to treatment may warrant a referral to a board-certified veterinary dermatologist. A veterinary dermatologist has specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of pet skin conditions, specifically allergic skin diseases.
Should I take my cat to a dermatologist?
If your cat has been suffering from a chronic skin condition that has not responded to treatment we may recommend that you consult with a board-certified pet allergist or dermatologist. Together, we can make a plan to get your cat feeling better soon.
What does a dermatology vet do?
A veterinary dermatologist diagnoses and treats chronic skin conditions in pets, specifically allergic skin diseases.
When should I worry about my dog's skin?
If your dog is itching excessively, biting their paws and skin, or shows signs of irritation, like bumps and redness, it is a good idea to consult with your veterinarian. We can examine your pet from the comfort of their home; simply visit our website or mobile app to book a virtual vet consultation or home visit.