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Common Pet Surgeries

Our veterinarians are skilled in routine and elective surgery for pets. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Spay & neuter surgery
  • Laceration repair
  • Mass removal
  • Biopsies
  • Dental surgery, including dental cleaning
  • Minor ocular surgery
  • Other soft tissue surgeries
Our Process

Our Process

To determine your pet’s surgical needs, an in-home visit is required within two months of the date of surgery or what’s recommended by your vet.
Our Process

Our Process

Before surgery,  x-rays or an abdominal ultrasound may be recommended. We will also run pre-operative blood work to make sure your pet is healthy.
Our Process

Our Process

Post-surgery medications such as antibiotics, anti-nausea, and pain medication may be prescribed. Procedures requiring sutures may need to be removed at a recheck visit after the surgery.

What Our Clients Say

Genevieve Davis
BetterVet Austin

Amazing experience with Dr. Kingsley and her assistant. She did surgery on one of my cats and it was so convenient to be able to stay home. The prices are similar to using a vet clinic. I will definitely be using her again. With multiple pets it is so much easier to have someone come to me.

Al Mascioli
BetterVet Miami
DR. Palmeri came was great with the dog and removed the Tumor off of tillys back without a hitch. Tilly was calm and less stressed as she would be if she was dropped off at a vet office. We plan on using the service more and will refer them.
Caryn Wegerbauer
BetterVet Eugene
There is a mobile service fee added to the regular visit fee. It’s worth the convenience. They gave treats to ensure my dog was comfortable and it was nice having the appointment right here in our living room. This was just a checkup and shots. My mom had the same company visit her house for a surgery for her cat, and they showed up in a van, conducting the surgery right there in the van. Very convenient.
Dana Wittenberg
BetterVet Eugene
Very professional and really seems to care about my pet.
Alisa Ufland
BetterVet Boston
Dr. Cimino has been our vet for years and she is wonderful. You can see her love for animals instantly.
BetterVet Austin
Dr. Kingsley and her team have been taking care of my pets for many years. She is incredible! She's an amazing diagnostician and you can tell she cares so deeply about the pets. Her follow-up is very thorough in giving test results and any other follow-up information. The ability to do surgeries right from the mobile van is so convenient for families and their pets! Dr. Kingsley is the absolute best!!!!
Jarrod Hines
BetterVet Boston
Amazing! Dr. Louise is wonderful and provided exceptional service to our new cat. The entire process was profesional, efficient, and comfortable. I recommend BetterVet to everyone who has a pet. Great experience! Thank you!
Elizabeth Whitley
BetterVet Austin
We love Dr. K, Tina and Rachael we BetterVet! They have taken care of our dogs for over 6 years and we are so happy ;) definitely recommend them!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common veterinary surgery?
The most common pet surgeries are spaying and neutering procedures, followed by dental surgery.
What is a pet operation?
A pet operation is another name for a pet surgery. As mentioned above, the most common pet surgeries are spaying and neutering, followed by dental surgery and benign growth removal.
What is the most common surgery for dogs?
Common surgeries for dogs include spaying and neutering, dental surgery, skin mass removal, wound repair, and eye surgery.
What is the most common cat surgery?
Common cat surgeries include spaying and neutering, dental surgery, skin mass removal, bladder stone removal, and foreign body removal.
How long does it take pets to heal from vet surgery?
Recovery times will depend on the type of surgery your pet is undergoing, but most soft tissue surgeries will take between 2 and 3 weeks for your pet to heal.