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Common Pet Surgeries

Our traveling veterinary surgeons are skilled in routine and elective surgeries. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Spay & neuter
  • Laceration repair
  • Mass removal
  • Biopsy
  • Dental surgery, including dental cleaning
  • Minor ocular surgeries
  • Other soft tissue surgeries

Our Process

To determine your pet’s surgical needs, an in-home visit is required within 2 months of the date of surgery or what’s recommended by your doctor. X-rays or abdominal ultrasound may be recommended based on your pet’s individual circumstance. If we move forward with the veterinary surgical procedure, we will need to run pre-operative blood work to make sure your pet is healthy inside and out. Post-surgery medications such as antibiotics, anti-nausea, and pain medication may be prescribed. Procedures requiring sutures may need to be removed at a recheck visit after the surgery. Rest assured that your BetterVet doctor will come up with the best pain management plan to make sure your pet is comfortable. Detailed post operative instructions will be provided when your pet goes home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common veterinary surgery?
The most common surgeries for pets are spaying and neutering procedures, followed by dental surgery.
What is a pet operation?
A pet operation is another name for a pet surgery. As mentioned above, the most common pet surgeries are spaying and neutering, followed by dental surgery and benign growth removal.
What are common surgeries we perform on dogs?
Common surgeries for dogs include spaying and neutering, dental surgery, skin mass removal, wound repair, and eye surgery.
What is the most common surgery for cats?
Common surgeries for cats include spaying and neutering, dental surgery, skin mass removal, bladder stone removal and foreign body removal.
How long does it take pets to heal from surgery?
Recovery times will depend on the type of surgery your pet is undergoing, but most soft tissue surgeries will take between 2 and 3 weeks for your pet to heal.

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