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Why Choose In-Home Pet Wellness Care?

By examining your pet at home, your veterinary team can get the most accurate picture of your whole pet - their health, wellness, and behavior.

The Comfort of Home

In-home health evaluations are less stressful for pets and pet parents. Pets are more cooperative at home, and a relaxed pet means a more thorough examination.

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No Travel Needed

Save time and avoid the hassle of transporting or commuting with your pet - a better option for pets with special considerations and multi-pet households.

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One-on-One Attention

Home exams allow for more individualized attention and care from your veterinarian, away from all the distractions of a busy brick-and-mortar clinic. 

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Safety First

Receiving vet care at home reduces the risk that pets (and their humans) will be exposed to contagious illness and disease.

Preparing for Your Pet's Home Vet Visit

Before your appointment, we’ll keep in touch with you to confirm your appointment and our arrival time. We will also ask you to prepare for your pet’s visit with these steps:
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Gather Medical Records

Provide your vet with a comprehensive overview of your pet's health.

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Create a Comfortable Environment

Choose a comfortable space for their wellness checkup to reduce stress.


Collect Necessary Samples

If requested, collect urine or fecal samples for any necessary tests.

How Our In-Home Pet Wellness Checks Work

From our arrival to our departure, your veterinary team will work with you to reduce your pet’s anxiety, create a relaxed environment, and get a full and accurate picture of your pet’s health.

Veterinarian Arrival and Setup

Veterinarian Arrival and Setup

Once your appointment time arrives, our mobile veterinarian and veterinary technician will come to your home to examine your pet. They’ll bring all the equipment they will need as well as any recommended vaccines, prescriptions, and preventatives.

Conducting the Wellness Exam

Conducting the Wellness Exam

Once the care team is set up in a spot where your dog or cat feels comfortable, they will perform a thorough examination of your pet from nose-to-tail. They will check all the areas of your pet’s body, as well as:

  • Take their temperature, if able
  • Listen to their heart and lungs
  • Get a current weight
  • Check their teeth and gums
Administering Vaccinations or Preventatives

Administering Vaccinations or Preventatives

Your care team will come prepared with common core and non-core vaccinations, and dispense or prescribe flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives, tailored to your pet's needs. Please be aware that these services are additional and may incur extra costs.

Discussion of Health Recommendations

Discussion of Health Recommendations

During an in-home wellness checkup, your veterinarian will set aside some time to talk about your pet’s overall health, behavior, diet and nutrition, as well as any concerns you may have. This is your time to ask questions and receive expert advice and individualized recommendations.

Post-Appointment Follow-Up

Post-Appointment Follow-Up

After your pet’s Wellness Exam, you can visit your Pet Center page on our website or app, where you’ll be able to schedule future visits, view your appointment history, request prescription refills, and schedule follow-ups. You will be contacted with the results of any blood work or other diagnostic testing.

Wellness Exam Pricing

The cost of an in-home Wellness Exam starts at $99, plus a travel fee and any additional products or services. Visit our pricing page for more information and current offers.

Service Price Range
Service Price Range
Wellness Exam $99 - $129
Travel Fee* $89 - $109, depending on location
Vaccinations $43 - $140
Microchipping $89.20
Medications Varies by prescription
Lab and Blood Work Varies by tests
*One travel fee is charged per home visit, regardless of the number of pets in the household

Why BetterVet?

Our mobile veterinarians examine pets in their favorite spot - a comfy couch, a cozy pet bed, or even your lap! See how we work to keep pets relaxed and happy at home.

What Our Clients Say

BetterVet Denver

Dr. Allie and Vet-tech Brianna, provided an amazing service for my senior fur baby. I am very appreciative of their professionalism, care, convenience, and knowledge. The information regarding the overall wellness/ care and the appropriate steps to take moving forward to ensure the comfortability for my senior little one was detailed and very reassuring. Very grateful for their support and service. Should you need the convenience of at home veterinary care, please, do not hesitate to contact, Better Vet. Thank you.

Edna Lee
BetterVet Chicago
Provided a window of time when I could expect them. They arrived within the timeframe indicated. Was very thorough. Listened to my concerns and told me what to expect from them going forward. Told me the additional cost associated with the visit so no surprises. Very professional and courteous.
Alice Djubin
BetterVet Miami
Love BetterVet mobile vet service! The Dr. and Nurse arrived promptly and performed wellness exams efficiently. Overall this is a less stressful and time consuming experience for pets and owners. I will definitely use this service again and have already recommended BetterVet to coworkers.
BetterVet Seattle
I can't speak highly enough of "BetterVet" who provided care for my beloved cat during the last year of her life. They were patient and gentle with my girl who would still get overwhelmed during her frequent check-ups. We were able to find different ways to keep her as comfortable as possible, manage her assorted health care needs and, as the end grew near, their honest and compassionate feedback was invaluable.
Becky Blumer
BetterVet Portland
We had an excellent experience with "our BetterVet veterinarian". She was great with our cat and provided us with clear guidance on his treatment plan. The BetterVet app was easy to navigate and we were really grateful to get a same day appointment. We would definitely recommend "BetterVet"!!!! ⭐️
Jessica Wang
BetterVet Boston
I am super grateful to the BetterVet team for offering quality mobile vet care! My cat is extremely skittish around strangers and vet visits in general stress him out a lot. Having the visit at home reduces his anxiety significantly and helps him establish a better relationship with his vet in the comfort of his own safe space. I'm very happy with the care that "our BetterVet veterinarian" provides and will continue using BetterVet for my vet visits!
Ian Haralson
BetterVet Vancouver
Really great experience. So glad I was able to find a mobile vet to come look at my pets, it really takes the pressure off of having to load them up and take to the vet.
Heather Owens
BetterVet Austin
Omg! My sweet Buddha and I LOVE "the BetterVet team". She always takes the time to explain things to me in words that I can understand. They are always gentle when Buddha is a little shy. She is the only vet that he has seen, and if I can help it I will always stick with her and her team.
Roger Munter
BetterVet Boston
Everything ran smoothly, the cats felt safer in their own homes and our vet team was wonderful. Very excited to make use of this new model!
Kelly Schultz
BetterVet Orange County
"Our BetterVet veterinarian" is the absolute best bet I have ever had. He has taken care of my pets with love, patience and compassion. Thank you!
Jaime Marx
BetterVet Vancouver
Best vet visit I ever had. my cats were relaxed. "BetterVet" was knowledgeable and friendly. I will definitely use BetterVet from now on.

Included in our Wellness Exam Service

Our in-home Pet Wellness Exams include a thorough physical examination of your cat or dog. We also provide first-year checkups tailored to puppies and kittens. The following services are included in the cost of your pet’s Wellness Exam appointment:

Visual Dental Assessment

As part of your pet’s wellness visit, your vet will perform a dental care checkup - a visual exam of your pet’s teeth and gums, and recommend professional cleanings when needed.

Pet Nutrition Counseling

During your home visit, your veterinarian will talk with you about your pet’s nutrition, diet, and weight, and address any individual concerns you may have. 

Pet Behavior Counseling

Our veterinary doctors will provide behavioral guidance related to your pet’s age, breed, and health and make behavior recommendations and referrals.

Additional Wellness Care Services

While not included in the cost of a pet Wellness Exam, the following services are typically bundled with your pet’s in-home checkup. 

Mobile Pet Vaccinations

This service brings core and lifestyle vaccinations directly to your doorstep to ensure your pet receives the necessary vaccines in the comfort and safety of your home.

Routine Lab Work

As part of your pet’s physical exam, your veterinarian may recommend lab work and collect a small sample of your pet’s blood, urine or fecal sample for analysis. 

Mobile Pet Microchipping

A quick and secure way to ensure your pet's safety, instantly giving your pet a permanent form of identification. Microchipping makes it easier to reunite with your pet if they ever get lost.

Should My Pet Be Seen By a Veterinarian?

This is one of the most common questions from pet parents, and with good reason, as it’s natural to worry about your pet’s health and well-being. Our quiz is meant to help you decide whether your pet should be seen for a video consultation, sick exam, or emergency vet clinic visit.
Should My Pet Be Seen By a Veterinarian?

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do your veterinarians have for pet wellness exams?

All our veterinarians are licensed Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) experienced in small animal care and are Fear Free® Veterinary Care certified. This certification reflects our commitment to your pets' well-being, providing a stress-free and fear-free experience during their visits. Learn more about our expert mobile veterinarians and their areas of expertise.

How do you ensure the safety and cleanliness of a home during the exam?

We make sure to clear a safe examination space for your cat or dog that is free from potentially falling objects, all sharp edges and corners are covered, and no toxic plants or chemicals are present.

What if my pet needs further medical attention after the pet wellness exam?

Your veterinary team will schedule any follow-up appointments your pet may need and make referrals as necessary.

How soon can I expect results or feedback after the veterinary wellness exam?

Typically, there is a 72-hour window for reporting lab work results or answering follow-up questions.  If more immediate attention is needed please reach out to our support team at (888) 788-1165 or email at

Are there any additional fees for in-home wellness services?

During your pet’s in-home wellness visit, your veterinarian may recommend vaccines, prescription medication, or diagnostic testing, which are available for an additional fee. Please visit our pricing page for more information. 

Can I schedule exams for multiple pets in one veterinary wellness visit?

Yes. If you have multiple pets, we can schedule your in-home checkups together during one appointment. Each pet will have a separate examination fee, but you will only be charged one travel fee for all the pets in the family. To estimate the length of your multi-pet exam, add 15 minutes per pet to our typical 30–minute appointment time.

How long does an average in-home Wellness Exam take?

The average in-home Wellness Exam takes approximately 30 minutes.

Do you offer any packages or discounts for recurring wellness visits?

We recommend a BetterVet Wellness club membership to all of our pet families. Each plan includes unlimited telehealth and/or telemedicine services and members are not charged travel fees on home visits. Choosing which of our three wellness plans is right for you will depend on your pet’s annual wellness needs.

How do I reschedule or cancel a wellness appointment?

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 48 hours before your scheduled time either online or via our app with no penalty. Canceling less than 48 hours before a Wellness Exam will incur a cancellation fee of $75. To cancel please call us at (888) 788-1165 or email us at

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