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Reasons to Book an International Health Certificate Appointment

Each country has different rules and requirements, which may include rabies titer testing, microchipping, vaccinations, and/or parasite treatments, which are necessary to complete and issue an international health certificate.


Ensure Your Pet is Fit to Travel

One of our accredited veterinarians will examine your pet to make sure they are in good health.


Receive Necessary Vaccinations

If your pet requires any additional vaccinations or boosters, these will be administered during a home visit.


Adhere to Destination Requirements

During your International Health Certificate Video Consultation, we will review country-specific pet regulations, and your pet’s medical records.


Obtain Required Documents

During your Home Visit, we will help you complete any pet travel documentation and finalize your International Health Certificate.

Please note that BetterVet is not responsible for country-specific pet regulations; please review USDA guidelines for more information.

Our International Health Certificate Process

While each destination country has its own specific requirements, we’ll help guide you through the process, from initial paperwork to issuance of your pet’s health certificate for international travel. If your pet has a layover in a different country, multiple health certificates may be required for an additional fee.

The process is broken down into three appointments: a virtual vet consultation, initial home visit, and final check-up to issue the international travel certificate.

Virtual Vet Visit

Virtual Vet Visit

During the mandatory consultation, our vet will review destination requirements and medical records to provide assistance with documentation preparation and schedule the in-home visits.

Initial Home Visit

Initial Home Visit

A health exam is performed and any additional testing or vaccinations are administered. Multiple home visits may be needed to satisfy export requirements. Please note that we cannot issue your IHC without at least one in-home visit.

Check-Up and Certification

Check-Up and Certification

The final appointment is the pre-travel examination and international health certificate issuance as well as any other necessary documentation.

International Travel Certificate Pricing

The cost of an International Travel Certificate will depend on how many in-home visits are required to complete the process, plus the travel fee and any other products or services. Visit our pricing page for more information and current offers.

Service Price Range
Service Price Range
International Certificate From $599
Any Additional Home Visits $99 - $129
Travel Fee* $89 - $109, depending on location
Medications Varies by prescription
Lab and Blood Work Varies by tests
Diagnostic Testing Varies by tests
*One travel fee is charged per home visit, regardless of the number of pets in the household

Why BetterVet?

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What Our Clients Say

Tracy Zeppi
BetterVet Boston

Dr. Gastrock was amazing. She went out of her way to assist with our very complicated need for health certificates to travel through several countries with our cat. She spent many hours meeting with us, making sure we understood what we needed to do on our end, and ensuring all the requirements were met. When we ran into road bumps that made our timing very short at the end, she was extremely attentive and worked late at night to make sure our deadlines were met. She showed a genuine interest in our circumstances and really cared about our situation. This was an A+ experience. We could not have accomplished a successful move to the other side of the world without the huge amount of help and attention she provided

Heather Beckstead
BetterVet San Francisco
Easy to schedule, pet was so much more comfortable in our own home. Fast and super helpful. Great for international travel certificates!
Carmen Gonzales
BetterVet Boston
I needed an international health certificate for my cat after a long search of looking we finally found better-vet. And to top it off they do your visit at home. The Drs were absolutely fast,friendly great I give better-vet 100% very highly recommend.
Brandy Mckissick
BetterVet Orange County
"The BetterVet team" were very helpful, professional, friendly and very supportive
Barbara Honthumb
BetterVet Miami
"BetterVet" met us on a non scheduled day to do our kitty's bahamas pet permit. Great service!
Nat Nat
BetterVet Miami
After talking to over 20 different vet offices in south Florida "BetterVet" was the only one who was able to help me with complicated international travel documents for my pup. He is the best! Very grateful for his expertise and big heart!

List of Required Documents for International Pet Travel

Please have the following information and documents readily available at the time of your IHC virtual visit so that your pet's history can be compared to destination requirements as presented on the APHIS site.

  • Vaccination history

  • Vaccination (rabies) certificate(s)

  • Medical Records

    • Travel-specific blood testing results (i.e., rabies titer test results)

    • For existing clients, medical records prior to BetterVet 

  • Knowledge of airline-specific requirements (please contact the airline in advance)

  • Previous health certificate(s) if returning to the same destination

  • Departure address and the name of the individual traveling with your pet

  • Destination address and the name of individual receiving your pet (this individual may be the same as the one who is traveling with your pet)

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I obtain my cat’s or dog’s International Health Certificate?

Requirements vary but timelines are very strict. We recommend calling our customer service liaisons as soon as you know your travel dates. We’ll help you schedule an appointment and determine what tests or vaccines, if any, your pet may need.

How much does a pet health certificate for international travel cost?

Costs associated with obtaining a USDA-endorsed international health certificate for your pet will vary, depending on required lab tests, vaccines, and treatments. Additionally, the USDA assesses an endorsement fee and shipping fees may be involved depending on the destination country’s method of endorsement.

Our costs are as follows:

IHC Video Consultation - $89*
IHC Home Visit + Certificate* - $599 (+ travel fee)

* For Wellness Club enrollees, the IHC Video Consultation is included with membership AND no travel fees will be assessed for the IHC home visit.

How long are pet health certificates for international travel good for?
Typically, International Health Certificates need to be completed within 10 days of departure, but for some countries, they are valid for up to 30 days.
How long does it take to receive an international health certificate for pets?
It is recommended by the USDA that you start the process as soon as possible, or at least three months for most destinations,  before your anticipated departure date. We will work with you to schedule your appointments prior to your travel dates.
Can I get my IHC during a virtual vet visit?
No. After your required virtual vet visit, you will need to complete a scheduled in-home visit to finalize your pet health certificate.
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