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Telemedicine for Pets: 10 Reasons to Try

Telemedicine for Pets: 10 Reasons to Try | BetterVet

If you've ever used telemedicine service for your health, you might have wondered, "Is there telemedicine for pets?" The answer is yes! Just like for humans, telemedicine is a great option for pet parents to support their furry friend's health and wellness. Telemedicine for pets involves a video visit with licensed veterinary doctors from the comfort of your home.

From improved access to care to reduced stress for pets and their owners, there are many reasons to try telemedicine for your pet. Below, explore ten of the top benefits of veterinary telemedicine.

1. Convenience 

One of the primary benefits of telemedicine for dogs and cats is the convenience offered to pet owners. With the ability to easily connect with a licensed veterinary doctor, pet owners can conveniently schedule an appointment from anywhere. 

Whether you're at work, home, or somewhere else, BetterVet video consultations eliminate the need for you and your pet to travel to a physical office. With access to telemedicine, pet owners can save the time and hassle associated with an office visit.

2. Accessibility 

In addition to convenience, veterinary telemedicine delivers accessibility to pets and their owners located anywhere. For those living in rural or remote areas, logging onto a virtual telemedicine appointment is far easier than traveling to a physical location, which could be an hour or more away. 

Research from the American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that over 50 million pets (or one-third of the population) do not see a veterinarian at least once per year. Given this alarming statistic, it is clear that telemedicine can help open the door for more pets to have accessible veterinary care.

3. Cost-Effective

Another of the many advantages of telemedicine for pet parents is the cost-saving benefits. In general, telemedicine visits tend to cost less than a standard in-person appointment. While the cost per visit varies depending on the situation and provider, most pet parents end up saving money by choosing virtual vet visits

4. Reduced Stress

For parents of cats or dogs with anxiety, transporting a pet to the vet's office can be stressful. In addition, pets with specific medical conditions may be physically difficult to move. As such, pet telemedicine visits are a great alternative to reduce stress for both pets and their owners. 

Telemedicine visits can allow anxious pets to comfortably remain in their safe environment (home). Plus, many believe that pets can sense when owners are anxious, which could worsen their anxiety. 

5. Improved Monitoring 

Pets with certain chronic medical conditions may require ongoing and regular monitoring to maintain optimal health. Despite this, many pet owners find it difficult to make regular vet visits in person. Veterinary telemedicine can help encourage owners to follow through with necessary monitoring visits from the comfort of their homes. 

As a result, telemedicine visits can help pet owners detect health problems earlier and take proactive steps to ensure their pets are as happy and healthy as possible.

6. Timely Care

Making an in-person appointment for your pet can mean waiting for an available time slot that fits your schedule. Telemedicine appointments deliver more timely care with more flexible times, sometimes with same-day or next-day appointment availability, removing the need to take time off of work.

In addition to more timely care, virtual visits often take less time out of your day than a visit in person. Your BetterVet veterinary doctor will arrive promptly at your appointment at the scheduled time.

7. Access to Specialists

Should your pet need to see a specialty veterinary provider, telemedicine offers a wider range of available providers. For pets with complex medical cases, seeking telemedicine care can mean access to the best veterinary care providers, even those outside of your region.

8. Follow-Up Care

Telemedicine for cats and dogs is often used as follow-up care after an in-person visit. Whether it's for managing a condition or post-surgical care, it's easy to connect with a BetterVet provider regularly.

9. Continuity of Care

Telemedicine allows pet owners and veterinarians to work together to better manage a pet's health and happiness. Your vet will have access to your pet's medical history and health records from anywhere, enhancing the continuity of care provided. By enhancing communication, both pets and parents benefit from an overall improved experience.

10. Addresses Transportation Issues

Some pet owners may find it difficult to carry heavy pets or those with reduced mobility into the office without the assistance of another adult. In some cases the owner may have mobility difficulties as well, hindering access to in-office veterinary care. With easy access from your home, telemedicine makes it easy to access care for your pet despite these concerns.

Explore How Telemedicine Can Enhance Your Pet's Health

With all of these advantages in mind, it's clear why many pet owners are utilizing telemedicine services. Book an appointment with BetterVet today to explore how telemedicine can help enhance your pet's health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can vets write prescriptions online?

Licensed veterinary providers in specific states may write prescriptions online. Each state has different rules and regulations that vets must follow.

How does vet telemedicine work? 

At your appointment time, your BetterVet provider will join you on video and observe your pet virtually. Most appointments will last between ten and fifteen minutes, depending on each pet's history and health concerns.

Which states allow online vet prescriptions?

Each state has specific VCPR guidelines to follow, which determine the eligibility to prescribe online vet prescriptions.

Can I get a prescription without seeing a vet?

No. Pet parents must seek care from a licensed veterinary provider to obtain a prescription.

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