According to 2022 census data, almost 58 million adults ages 65 and older live in the U.S., or 17.3% of the nation's population. By 2040, that number is predicted to grow to 22%.

In a 2019 poll on Healthy Aging conducted by the University of Michigan’s Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, 55 percent of adults ages 50 to 80 reported having at least one pet at home. More than half of those respondents reported having more than one pet.

As pet parents get older, mobility and transportation can become more challenging, as is accessing veterinary care for their pets.

Mobile veterinary services provide a convenient and lower-stress alternative for older pet parents to access the essential veterinary care their pets need.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 5 benefits of mobile veterinary care for seniors

1. No Travel Required

In-home and virtual appointments allow pet parents to schedule veterinary care for their pets without the need to travel to a clinic or hospital.

For older pet parents who find it difficult to lift and transport their pet in the car, being able to schedule in-home veterinary appointments is a game changer. 

2. Less Stress for Pets and Pet Parents

A more relaxed pet means a more relaxed pet parent. Because mobile veterinary practices like BetterVet bring the veterinarian to you, there is less stress involved for pets and their parents.

Oftentimes, we are better able to examine a pet in the comfort of home, where they are most relaxed. 

3. Great Option for Multi Pets

For older adults with more than one pet, it is possible to schedule one in-home visit or telemedicine appointment for all the pets in the household.

This saves the time, stress, and expense of transporting multiple pets to their veterinary care appointments. 

4. Less Exposure to Other People and Pets

Accessing veterinary care at home also means there is reduced exposure to communicable illnesses and diseases for both you and your pets.

This is especially important for older adults with compromised immune systems. 

5. Consultation and Guidance

At BetterVet, our mobile veterinarians take the time to develop a bond with you and your pets. As our veterinary care teams visit you in your home, they can offer consultation and guidance about modifying your environment to make it easier for you to care for your pets.

They can also help you make a care plan for your pet so you’ll know what to schedule and when. 


In-home veterinary care is an excellent option for older adults who want to maintain their independence while staying on top of their pet’s healthcare needs.

BetterVet’s mobile veterinary teams can come to you in your home, apartment, retirement home, or assisted living community. It’s truly a win-win for seniors and their pets.

Get Your Pet’s Health Checked Out at Home

Say goodbye to stressful vet visits and hello to a comfortable wellness exam in your pet's favorite spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts for seniors?

While we don’t offer specific promotions for older adults, our Pet Wellness Plans are ideal for senior pet parents. BetterVet’s Wellness Club memberships bundle the cost of routine veterinary care into an affordable monthly payment. Great for people on fixed incomes because it is a predictable expense, our Wellness Plans include free travel fees and unlimited telemedicine. 

Does BetterVet visit Retirement and Assisted Living Communities?

Yes! BetterVet can visit you and your pet wherever you live as long as it is in our service area. Simply go to the BetterVet location page on our website or visit our app to enter your zip code and see if we offer the service you are looking for in your area. 

What services do you offer for senior pets?

Mobile vet care is a wonderful option for senior pets, as there is no need to leave home to access the services they need. Common appointment types for older pets include Wellness and Sick Visits, Pain Management, Quality-of-Life Consultations, and In-Home Euthanasia. We do everything we can to make your vet care experience as personalized and comfortable as possible in the privacy of your home.