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Happy Holidays With Your Pets

Celebrate the Holidays with your Pets | BetterVet

Happy holidays to you and your family!

The holiday season is in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited! The joys of the holiday season are best shared with friends and loved ones, and therefore, your team at BetterVet has put together some festive ideas to try out this year. Here are some great ideas for (safely) celebrating the holidays with your pets!


Ring in the new year with these activities for you and your pets!


1. Wrapping and Unwrapping: A Cat’s Dream Come True!
Cats are naturally curious and inquisitive creatures. New decor pops up around the home during the holiday season, and your feline friends are ready to investigate these festive nuances. During holiday gift wrapping, watch your cat dive into the ribbons and bows with vigor and excitement! Just make sure to supervise to avoid any hang ups! 


2. Snowball Fights With Your Pup: A Trickier Fetch!
Many dogs love to experience snow! With fur to protect them from the cold, the snow becomes an adventure for your pups. However, short-haired dogs might benefit from a jacket, while longer haired pooches tend to do just fine with the chill! If they get cold easily, pick them up a coat, like this one here or this one here and head out into the winter wonderland for a snowball fight. The “disappearing” snowballs will be a fun challenge for even the most experienced of fetchers!


3. Pet Stockings: Filled with Treats! 
Stockings are often a tradition around the holidays, and why not include your furry friends in this year’s festivities! Stuff your pet’s stocking with their favorite treats, chews or catnip and let the fun begin! 


The Best Gifts for Pet Parents and Their Pets! 


Here at BetterVet, we have got the inside scoop on the best gifts for pet lovers and pet parents, including where to find those matching Christmas pajamas with dogs! Here are some ideas for this giving season! 

1. Matching Pajamas for the whole family, pets included! 
2. Custom Pet Portrait Ornaments
3. Personalized “If My Pet Could Talk” Book


Happy Holidays from the BetterVet Team!

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