A rare and exciting solar eclipse event is predicted to take place on April 8, 2024, when the Moon casts a shadow on Earth that will block the Sun's light in some areas. The path, time, and visibility of the eclipse depends on where you live.

If you are wondering what impact the solar eclipse might have on your pets, you are not alone! I am happy to answer some of the questions that pet parents may have. 

Will the solar eclipse affect my pet?

Yes and no. Your pet will react more to your excitement and any commotion outside than to the solar eclipse event. Keep calm and follow your pet’s usual routine and they will be fine! 

Should my pet stay inside during the solar eclipse?

Yes, it's a good idea to keep pets indoors during the eclipse to prevent any anxiety due to crowd noise and excitement that might be happening outside. It’s not advisable to walk or drive with your pet on the main roads due to the potential for distracted drivers. 

Can pets go out during the solar eclipse?

Yes, your pet can still go outside during the eclipse, but if they need a potty break, it’s best to bring them out on a leash in case they get spooked by the influx of people outside.

Does my pet need to wear protective glasses?

No. While it would be dangerous for a dog or cat to look at the sun during the eclipse, it is unlikely that they would do so. Just like your pet instinctively knows not to stare at the sun on a regular day, it’s no different during a solar eclipse. You should not encourage your pet to look at the sun, as like humans, this could cause retinal damage. 

Is the eclipse dangerous for pets?

No. The solar eclipse itself does not present a danger to pets. Any dangers during the eclipse center around walking or driving on streets where distracted drivers may be looking at the sun. It is unlikely that your pet would look at the sun long enough to cause any damage. 

Tips to prepare your pet for the solar eclipse

Some steps you can take to prepare your pet for the solar eclipse include:

  • Stay calm and keep to your regular routine
  • Avoid walking or driving with your pet on roads with traffic
  • If your pet needs a potty break, bringing them out on a leash is best
  • Play relaxing music if you anticipate increased noise and commotion outside
  • Leave them in a safe, enclosed space or crate if you don’t plan to be home
  • Consult with your veterinarian if your pet is likely to experience extreme anxiety

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can pets go blind from looking at a solar eclipse?

Like humans, pets could potentially suffer eye damage from looking directly at the sun without protection. However, your dog or cat is not likely to look at the sun during an eclipse.

How do animals typically react to a solar eclipse?

Some animals might become confused or anxious due to the sudden darkness and cooling temperatures or increased foot traffic and noise. Domestic pets, however, often show little to no reaction.

Will my dog or cat be scared during the solar eclipse?

Most pets do not react to solar eclipses with fear. However, they may become anxious if there is an increased number of people or noises outside. 

Is it safe to walk my dog during a solar eclipse?

Yes, it's safe, but due to the unusual nature of the event, keeping them on a leash and avoiding busy roads is advisable. 

How can I safely view a solar eclipse with my pet?

Enjoying the eclipse safely with a pet means using proper solar eclipse glasses for yourself and avoiding crowds and busy areas that may cause your pet anxiety. 

Can I take my pet to a public solar eclipse viewing event?

If your pet is comfortable in crowds and unlikely to get stressed by the excitement, you can bring them along. Just keep them on a leash and monitor their comfort level.