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What Pet Care Services Are Available Virtually?

What Are The Online Pet Care Services Available? BetterVet


When you have a quick question for your vet, you shouldn’t have to pack everything up and go to their office. Virtual veterinary care is the perfect solution for quickly connecting with a professional.

At BetterVet, you can use our app to view our veterinarians’ availability and book an appointment for a time that works best for you. During a half-hour slot, you have one of our team member’s undivided attention to discuss your pet’s wellbeing. Virtual calls are great for questions about your pet’s diet, behavioral concerns, new puppy acclimation, and various other topics. Your BetterVet veterinarian will be happy to discuss these and other topics during your appointment!


Now more than ever, we need alternatives to waiting rooms. Having to visit the vet simply to make an appointment is redundant. Calling the office can be equally frustrating, especially when you’re put on hold and waste time going back and forth trying to find an appointment time that works for everyone.

Scheduling visits through our app, on the other hand, is a breeze. You can see all the times our team is available before booking a video consultation, home visit, or same-day appointment. No matter if it’s a routine wellness exam, sick visit, or diagnostic appointment, you can easily book a time that is convenient for your busy schedule.

Behavioral Support

Wondering why your cat or dog is acting differently but don’t know if he/she needs to see a veterinarian? While virtual veterinary care should never be used for emergencies, it can give you more insight into why your pet may be acting a certain way.

Through a video consultation, you can tell your vet what’s happening and he/she can even see the behavior directly. Your pet will not experience any of the nervousness or excitement that often comes with a trip to the doctor, so the expert can observe his/her actions without any distractions.

The doctor’s expert opinion will help you decide whether it’s time to book a home visit, remedy the behavior yourself, or wait for it to stop on its own.

Health Monitoring

Did you know that you can take control of your pet’s health from your smartphone? Virtual veterinary care extends beyond health visits with the BetterVet mobile app. From one convenient place, you can keep track of all the important information regarding your pet’s health. This includes everything from easily requesting your pet’s medical history to viewing past appointments.

Having all of this information available at your fingertips can help you know when it’s time for your pet to visit the vet or will let you spot any trends in your pet’s medical history that you may want to address.

Virtual Veterinary Care is Quality Pet Care

Vet care of the 21st century is made better with virtual services. We’ve already seen how online consultations and scheduling can make our lives easier through virtual urgent care visits in human medicine, and it’s time to extend that same convenience to our pets.

Save the time and the stress of bringing your cat or dog to the vet with on-the-go online services. Get your first virtual consultation with BetterVet for free when you download our app!


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