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Pet Ultrasound & Radiology Diagnostic Imaging

Sometimes, diagnostic imaging like radiology and ultrasound is required to diagnose your pet’s condition and provide the best medical care moving forward.

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Pet Ultrasound & Radiology Diagnostic Imaging

What are Ultrasound and Radiology?

Diagnostic imaging, namely radiology and ultrasound, can help your doctor diagnose conditions like bone fractures, conditions of the GI tract and heart, bladder stones, etc. that would otherwise be missed on a routine physical exam. Radiology uses x-rays to create images, whereas ultrasound uses sound waves through fluid to create images.

Why Would My Pet Need Ultrasound or Radiology Diagnostics?

Radiology can look at your pet’s bones to evaluate whether a fracture is present, and the chest cavity to look for certain respiratory diseases like pneumonia or if your pet’s heart is enlarged. Small ultrasound units can help doctors get a sterile urine sample or look for fluid accumulation where it shouldn’t be. Larger ultrasound units can non-invasively help your doctor look for problems with your pet’s GI tract, kidneys, liver, heart, and other soft tissue organs.

Our Process

Diagnostic imaging is usually a pain free process for your pet, but medications may be prescribed ahead of time to keep them calm during the process, or sedation may be required to keep your pet still and stress-free. Some images may require a consultation with a board certified radiologist or cardiologist for interpretation.

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