The new year is the perfect time to set wellness goals for ourselves and our pets, too! Start your pet on the right paw with these 7 Pet Health Resolutions for a happy new year and beyond. 

Resolution #1: Schedule Regular Pet Wellness Exams 

Part of being a caring pet parent (Responsible Pet Owners Month is celebrated in February) includes scheduling regular Wellness Exams for your furry family members. In-home Wellness Exams are a great way to support your pet’s wellness goals and address health concerns before they become serious.

Our veterinarians perform pet wellness checkups in the comfort of your home, ensuring a more stress-free experience for you and your pet. 

Resolution #2: Keep Your Pet Up to Date on Vaccinations 

Prioritize your pet's health and safeguard them from preventable diseases by keeping them up to date on essential vaccinations. Vaccinations play a crucial role in maintaining your pet's overall health and wellness every year, from when they are a puppy or kitten and throughout their whole life. 

August is National Immunization Awareness Month, but don’t wait until late summer to consult your veterinarian about what vaccines and preventatives your pet will need throughout the year. 

Resolution #3: Offer Enough Exercise & Mental Stimulation

Regular activity and mental stimulation for pets will keep your cat or dog’s mind and body active and healthy throughout the year. Tailor their play and pet fitness routine to their breed, age, and interest level.

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January is Walk Your Pet Month, so don’t forget to incorporate dog walks into your day - it’s beneficial to you and them!

If your pet has issues with mobility or joint pain that prevents them from enjoying an active lifestyle, our in-home veterinarians can help create a pain management plan to help them feel better.

Resolution #4: Provide Balanced Nutrition

Make sure to add balanced nutrition to your list of healthy New Year Resolutions. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and an optimal weight contributes to your pet’s well-being and longevity and can make a significant impact on your pet’s quality of life. 

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day falls on the first Wednesday in October. Still, our in-home veterinarians can provide a nutritional consultation for your pet during any scheduled Pet Wellness Exam. 

How Much Should I Feed My Pet?

How Much Should I Feed My Pet?

How Much Should I Feed My Pet?

If your dog is currently overweight or underweight, enter what they should weigh at their healthiest, not their current weight. If you aren’t sure what an ideal is for your dog, your veterinarian can help.

If your cat is currently overweight or underweight, enter what they should weigh at their healthiest, not their current weight. If you aren’t sure what an ideal is for your cat, your veterinarian can help.

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How Much Should I Feed My Pet?

For guidance on your pet’s nutrition and optimal weight, schedule a home or virtual vet visit.

For guidance on your pet’s nutrition and optimal weight, schedule a home or virtual vet visit.

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Resolution #5: Ensure Your Pet Receives Necessary Dental Care

Prioritize your pet's dental health. Brushing their teeth at home as well as regular dental check-ups and cleanings prevent dental issues and support your pet’s overall well-being.

Our in-home veterinarians will check your pet’s teeth and gums at every Pet Wellness Exam and recommend tips you can do at home as well as dental care services your pet may need.

February is Pet Dental Month, so watch out for reminders and special promotions from our veterinarians here at BetterVet to ensure your pet’s beautiful teeth get the attention they deserve!

Resolution #6: Consider a Pet Wellness Plan 

Explore the benefits of enrolling in a pet wellness plan for a convenient and affordable veterinary care solution. Pet wellness plans offer a range of services that can cover preventive veterinary care like Wellness Exams, Vaccinations, routine screenings, and more. 

Investing in a pet wellness plan can be a cost-effective way to manage your pet's preventive healthcare needs. All of BetterVet’s Wellness Plans include unlimited virtual veterinary visits and free travel fees for your peace of mind.

While October is the official month for National Pet Wellness, you can sign up for one of our membership plans at any time of year.

Resolution #7: Look Into Pet Insurance

While pet wellness plans often include preventative veterinary care services that most pets need, pet insurance acts as an additional safety net for unexpected and emergency veterinary expenses.

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Pet insurance can offer pet parents peace of mind, knowing that you can provide the best possible care for your pet without making difficult financial decisions.

National Pet Insurance Month falls in September, and if you haven’t already, can be a great reminder to browse insurance plans and make a choice that works best for you!


Keep these pet health resolutions and veterinary care tips in mind as you make a plan for your pet in the new year. With regular wellness visits, vaccinations, and a healthy lifestyle, you'll set a strong foundation for your dog or cat for the entire year!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is October National Pet Wellness Month?

Yes, the American Veterinary Medical Association has designated October as National Pet Wellness Month. Check out our Pet Holidays Calendar for more pet-friendly days and veterinary awareness events. 

Is April Pet Awareness Month?

April marks National Heartworm Awareness Month, Prevention of Lyme Disease in Dogs Month, and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.

What Week is National Pet Week?

National Pet Week, founded by the AVMA, is celebrated during the first full week of May each year.

Are Pet Wellness Plans worth it?

Yes, a good Pet Wellness Plan should pay for itself, as one monthly fee typically covers the yearly routine vet care your pet will need. The subscription-style plans prioritize preventative care such as wellness checkups and screenings.