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Our Fear Free Certified® mobile veterinarians bring top-notch vet care right to your doorstep, ensuring a stress-free experience for you and your pet.

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Experience Vet Care at Home

Mobile Vet Services

Our doctors can perform the following services conveniently in your home.

Service | Wellness Exam

In-Home Wellness Exams are key to your furry family member’s health and longevity.

Service | Sick Visit

When your pet isn’t feeling well or you have concerns about their overall health, we’ll come to you.

Service | Domestic Travel Certificate

When planning domestic travel with your pet, we’ll help you meet state requirements before visiting.

Service | Allergies & Dermatology

If your pet is experiencing signs of allergies, we’ll provide treatment options and referrals.

Service | Vaccination

Keep your pet up to date on essential vaccines and boosters as part of their preventative care plan.

Service | In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia at home allows pets to cross the rainbow bridge peacefully and surrounded by love.

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Providing high-quality, in-home vet care to pet owners in major citie across the U.S.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose BetterVet?

BetterVet is modern veterinary care from the comfort of your home. Our premium in-home vet services and telemedicine ensure that pet care is stress-free and accessible.

Ready to experience stress-free, in-home vet care? Download the BetterVet app today, available for iOS and Android.

What sets BetterVet apart from traditional veterinary care?
At BetterVet, our Veterinarians and Care Teams will provide all of the services you are accustomed to receiving from any other veterinarians; we just bring them to you!
What are the benefits of in-home vet care?

Benefits for pets 
Pets often associate carriers, car rides, and vet offices with anxiety. By examining your pet at home, it not only eliminates stress and fear, but also allows our doctors to better assess your pet. Mobile vet care is also easier on senior and fearful pets. 

Like a brick-and-mortar clinic, BetterVet performs a wide range of services, but in the comfort of your home. This includes Wellness and Sick exams, vaccinations, virtual vet visits, and more.

Benefits for multi-pet families
If you have more than one pet, you can combine their examinations into one single home visit appointment, saving you time and hassle. Each pet will have a separate examination fee, but you will only be charged one travel fee for all the pets in the family.

Benefits for pet parents with busy lifestyles
In-home veterinary care is a more convenient choice for people with busy schedules, as well as those with work-from-home and hybrid work arrangements. Rather than having to take time out of the work day to drive a pet to and from an appointment and wait to be seen, we come to you. We even have same-day and next-day appointments in most locations.

Benefits for senior pet parents 
Mobile vet care is a stress-free option for senior pet parents as it eliminates the need to wrestle pets into carriers and into the car to transport them to a clinic appointment.

Benefits for pet parents with transportation or mobility concerns
In-home veterinary care is not just a great option for pets, but also for pet parents with transportation limitations or strength and mobility concerns. 

Read more about the benefits of Home Vet Visits.

Where is BetterVet currently available?
BetterVet services large and small cities in the U.S. We are growing quickly and continue to add more locations each month. To see the current cities we serve, please visit our Locations page.
What pets do you treat?
We currently provide vet care services for dogs and cats in all locations. Select locations do offer services for other animals; please contact for more information. 
How experienced are the veterinarians at BetterVet?
BetterVet’s veterinary doctors and technicians are highly experienced in small animal medicine and are Fear Free® certified to ensure your pet's emotional well-being during their appointments. Learn more about the Fear Free® approach.
How should I prepare for a home visit?

Please have a copy of your pet’s medical records, especially if this is your first appointment. To prepare your pet, try to remain relaxed and calm leading up to your appointment, as your pet will pick up on your anxiety level.

Indulge your dog with their favorite toy or treat when we arrive. This helps reinforce positive, happy thoughts with every vet care visit.

If your cat tends to be skittish when people visit your home, place them in a comfortable, enclosed space where they feel safe, like a bathroom or closet, to minimize stress.

Please remember that we have a no-smoking policy during in-home visits and refrain from smoking during your appointment. If you need to take a smoke break, please do so outside.

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Access to high-quality veterinary care
Access to high-quality veterinary care
Convenience and flexibility
Convenience and flexibility
Health monitoring and management
Health monitoring and management