We know that keeping on top of your pet’s health is one of your main priorities as a pet parent, no matter if you have one pet or seven.

However, getting your pet to the veterinarian in the first place can be another story entirely, that's where in-home veterinary care comes in.

Some pets or pet parents may have limited mobility while other dogs and cats associate car rides with dreaded trips to the clinic, which makes transportation…difficult, to say the least.

If your pet makes visits to the veterinarian a major hassle, we've got the solution.  At BetterVet, we specialize in mobile pet care which means we come to you, and your home becomes our clinic.

Let’s take a look at three ways your pet can benefit from mobile pet care at home.

1. Home Visits Mean Less Stress for You and Your Pet

When your pet is given the chance to remain calm at home before, during, and after their medical exam, their veterinary appointments are much smoother.

Being more relaxed allows your veterinarian to get a more complete understanding of their overall health. Instead of your dog or cat being skittish or fearful while waiting in an unfamiliar room, it’s easier for them to remain composed in a trusted space in the comfort of their own home.

Your veterinarian’s ability to conduct a comprehensive examination of your pet  can mean the difference between catching a problem early and letting an illness or injury go untreated. Helping your pet maintain optimal health is what our veterinarians strive for, and being able to examine a relaxed pet allows them to better perform their job and provide incredible care.

2. Complete Convenience

Not everyone works a typical 9-5 job or has a car, so finding a way to the veterinarian or finding one that is open flexible hours can be a huge hurdle for many pet parents. With in-home vet visits, the entire process is much more streamlined. If you have multiple pets, you can tackle all of their checkups in one single appointment as opposed to scheduling multiple appointments that take up your entire day.

Additionally, you can rest assured knowing that our mobile vets will not be limited by your home environment. In many locations, they will have access to digital stethoscopes, mobile ultrasounds, and blood pressure monitoring equipment.

Whether you work in an office or at home, having your veterinarian come to you offers complete convenience for both you and your pet.  

3. No More Car Rides and Carriers

A big speed bump for a lot of pet parents is getting their pet in the car to go to the vet. Pets can become elusive and aggressive when they realize they are going to a veterinary visit. While some people have come up with clever tricks to get their pets in the crate and car without major outbursts, most others are left scratching their heads in confusion. While your pet certainly doesn’t want to hurt you, their potential aggression is merely a result of stress and fear.

When you choose mobile pet care, you can skip the problematic car rides. No more wrangling your cat into their carrier or tempting your dog into the car with treats and failing. Instead, they can hang out at home and wait for the veterinarian to come to their own turf. Not having to worry about or struggle through difficult car rides can make a world of difference when it comes to caring for your pet’s health, and we’re sure your pet will appreciate it too.

Choose Mobile Pet Care with BetterVet

Skip the vet trips and the undue stress to both you and your pet and choose mobile pet care with BetterVet. Our veterinary professionals are Fear Free® certified and ready to help your pet live their best life.  Sign up on our website or download our app today to get started with BetterVet!

Hassle-free In-Home Pet Sick Visits

When your pet isn't feeling well, the last thing you want is a stressful trip to the vet. Our in-home sick pet visits offer a calm, stress-free alternative.