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Spaying & Neutering

BetterVet has partnered with a network of trustworthy veterinary hospitals in our area where your pet can receive procedures that are not possible in your home. These include spays, neuters, dental prophylaxis, and other veterinary care.

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Spaying & Neutering

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

The benefits of spaying and neutering your pet include avoidance of unwanted litters, decreased risks for certain kinds of cancers, prevention of serious health problems, and potentially improved behavioral concerns. Female cats and dogs who have not been spayed are at an increased risk for developing uterine infections and mammary cancers, while intact male companion animals are prone to benign prostatic neoplasia and testicular cancer. Spays and neuters are the most common veterinary procedures and are performed on a daily basis. Your veterinarian will be happy to discuss the benefits and risks to your pet.


When To Spay or Neuter

The best recommendation for when to spay or neuter your pet is dependent on factors such as age, breed, species, and size when full grown. Our veterinary team can help schedule your pet’s procedure for a time that works best for your family.

Our Process

Once we’ve chosen a day for your pet’s procedure, our team will handle the rest. We will pick your pet up from your home, transport him or her to the hospital, then return your family member at the end of the day. As always, feel free to ask your BetterVet veterinarian any questions you may have about these procedures.

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