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Dr. Nicholas Kiefer

Dr. Nicholas Kiefer
Dr. Kiefer is a small animal general practitioner who grew up in Arlington, TX. He worked in a variety of capacities before becoming a veterinarian, including as a veterinary technician, as an animal caretaker at the shelter, and as a technician in Texas A&M’s clinical pathology laboratory. He attended Texas A&M (Gig ‘em Aggies!) for undergraduate and veterinary school, graduating in 2017 with his DVM. After graduating, he moved to Austin, TX, where he practiced for 4 years at a wonderful small animal clinic called PAZ Veterinary. He then spent one year working as an Urgent Care Clinician at Tufts University’s Foster Hospital for Small Animals, where he supervised veterinary students seeing outpatient illness cases presenting to the teaching hospital. Dr. Kiefer is passionate about educating clients about care for their pets and about the medical conditions affecting them–he believes it is a crucial foundation of practice to incorporate the client in the clinical team and help them understand why we are recommending a test or sending home a medication. Dr. Kiefer has a 17-year-old cat named Pork Chop (he’s been with him since the 7th grade!) and enjoys photography, hiking, and playing basketball in his spare time.