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Is My Dog Overweight?

Is My Dog Overweight?

How to Use the Body Condition Score (BSC) Chart

  1. Feel Your Dog’s Ribs: Gently feel along your dog’s ribs and chest. An overweight dog will have excessive fat covering the ribs, making them more difficult to feel. An underweight dog’s ribs will feel more “bony” and prominent. If your dog is at a healthy weight, you’ll be able to feel the ribs, but only when pressing gently on them. 
  1. Check Your Dog’s Abs: Get down on your dog’s level and look at your dog’s shape from the side. Check where their chest transitions to their belly. Ideally, this area should have a tapered appearance, called an abdominal “tuck.”
  1. Look at Your Dog’s Waistline:  Look at your dog’s shape from above. Do they have a slightly tapered-in waistline? If so, this is one indicator that your dog may be at a healthy weight. 


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Is My Dog Overweight?

1-3 Underweight

A body condition score of 1-3 is generally considered to be too thin. Consult with your vet about introducing more calories into your dog’s diet and rule out any medical causes. 

4-5 Just right!

A body condition score of 4-5 is an indicator that your dog is at an ideal weight. If you still have concerns, a vet can advise you best.

6-9 Overweight

A body condition score of 6-9 means that your dog may be overweight or obese. It’s important to check in with your vet about the best plan for your pet.

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