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Is My Cat Overweight?

Is My Cat Overweight?

Is My Cat Overweight?

How to Use the Feline BMI Calculator:
1. Calculate your cat's current weight.
2. Take their PCL Measurement - a cat’s PCL is the length from the top of the patella (knee) to the end of the calcaneus (ankle). Make sure your cat is standing with their head upright and measure the length of your cat's lower back leg from the knee to the ankle.
3. Enter these two calculations below.

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Your Cat’s BMI is
which means

Interpreting Your Results: What to Do if Your Cat is Underweight or Overweight 

Keep in mind that our calculator is meant to serve as a general guide, and there could be a medical reason why your cat is either underweight or overweight. If your cat is not at an ideal weight, it is important to rule out a medical cause for this, so you should first check in with your veterinarian before making any changes.
Once your vet has determined that your cat’s non-ideal weight is not related to an underlying medical cause, you’ll want to work together to create a vet-approved nutrition plan. Your vet can make recommendations about the best foods for your cat, how much to feed them, and help to ensure that any nutrition changes will be healthy for them. 

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