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Unlimited Telemedicine

Employees would be able to access free, unlimited online veterinary telehealth and telemedicine consultations to answer all of their pet health questions.

Virtual Vet Visits

Our virtual vet visits allow your employees to connect online with licensed veterinarians right from home! Virtual visits are a great option when employees have concerns about their pet, but are unsure whether they should be seen for a physical exam.

Virtual Vet Visits

Telemedicine Plan

Free, unlimited virtual vet visits for enrolled employees.

Telemedicine Plan

Pet health monitoring and appointment booking

Employees can monitor their pet’s health, easily book appointments, and order medications through our mobile application (for iOS & Android).

Most Employees are Pet Parents

Research shows us that:
Over 70% of U.S. households have at least one pet.


Over 70% of U.S. households have at least one pet.
95% of pet parents consider their pet to be a member of the family.


95% of pet parents consider their pet to be a member of the family.
74% of pet parents report carrying some pet-related debt.


74% of pet parents report carrying some pet-related debt.

What Our Clients Say

Sara Turpin
BetterVet Austin
Dr. Kingsley and her staff are the most professional, thorough and kind team we have ever had. Great care with our kiddos, and wonderful communication with us as well. We have had the pleasure of having Dr. Kingsley and her team taking care of us for many years. Have never once ever been dissatisfied, always a pleasure!
Lisa Galland
BetterVet Miami
I love our vets! They are so sweet, patient and knowledgeable. I am grateful that they take such good care of my baby
Courtni Walsh
BetterVet Boston
Bettervet helped our family with informative pointers in regards to our 5 year old Lab Rosie. Doctor Scott Perry had a lot of insight to what is best for nutrition and weight management, which orthopedic procedure would be the best fit, and also advice on lifestyle changes. Our dog suffers from bilateral hip dysplasia and moderate CCL disruption. It has been a pleasure to have this company available to our resource. Thank you!
Dan Henkle
BetterVet San Francisco
We used BetterVet for the first time today, and it was so easy! The Vet came right to our house, and she even had a supply of antibiotics and pain meds on hand that our dog needed. We'd definitely use this service again!
Ivette Parra
BetterVet Boston
Dr. Kiefer was great with my Bella even when she was terrified with the vaccines, he helps her and he was lovely with her. Thanks Dr. Kiefer!
Nan Minchow
BetterVet Eugene
This Dr. Bryan and the Haley were so awesome with my pups. They knew what they were doing and my pups felt that I believe. Down on the floor with them, talking to them, and their favorite…Liver Bites!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose BetterVet?

BetterVet empowers pet parents to get expert, veterinary help from the comfort of their home. Experience stress-free pet care with our premium telemedicine and mobile vet services (depending on location). Reach our trusted vets in just a few taps without ever leaving your home!

How does the corporate rate for employees differ from the standard cost of a Telemedicine plan?
Instead of offering a Telemedicine membership at the standard cost of $19 per month, corporate employees are now able to participate for FREE or at a discounted rate, depending on which plan your employer selects.
What if an employee has more than one pet?
Our Telemedicine plans are a great fit for multi-pet families as the benefits apply to all the pets in the family.

Provide Pet Wellness to Employees for FREE

Offering a Wellness Club membership to employees requires no financial commitment from employers - it’s truly a win-win!

All of our membership tiers are offered at an exclusive corporate rate for employees and include unlimited virtual vet visits.