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Arlington Heights Mobile Vet Services

Our mobile vet team in Arlington Heights provides high-quality, compassionate pet care for your cat or dog in the comfort of your home. Here's the mobile veterinary services we provide to Arlington Heights pet owners:

Service | Allergies & Dermatology

Allergies & Dermatology

If your pet is experiencing signs of allergies, we’ll provide treatment options and referrals.

Service | Blood Work

Blood Work

During a home visit, we can draw a small pet blood sample to test for common illnesses and disease.

Service | Domestic Travel Certificate

Domestic Travel Certificate

When planning domestic travel with your pet, we’ll help you meet state requirements before visiting.

Service | In-Home Pet Euthanasia

In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia at home allows pets to cross the rainbow bridge peacefully and surrounded by love.

Service | International Travel Certificate

International Travel Certificate

Before traveling internationally with your pet, we will help you comply with the requirements of the destination country.

Service | Microchipping


Improve the chances of being reunited with your pet should they get lost with in-home microchipping.

Service | Mobile Pet Ultrasound

Mobile Pet Ultrasound

When ultrasound imaging is needed to diagnose and treat your pet’s condition, we can help.

Service | Neurological Examination

Neurological Examination

As part of your pet’s examination, we can evaluate your pet’s symptoms and neurological functioning.

Service | Orthopedic Examination

Orthopedic Examination

During an in-home visit, we’ll evaluate your pet’s orthopedic health and discuss any concerns.

Service | Pet Behavior Counseling

Pet Behavior Counseling

Address general pet behavior questions and concerns and get recommendations from one of our vets.

Service | Pet Nutritional Planning

Pet Nutritional Planning

Consult with one of our vets about your pet’s nutritional needs and long-term health.

Service | Pet Pain Management

Pet Pain Management

If your pet is in pain, we’ll make a plan during a home visit to help them feel better again.

Service | Puppy and Kitten Wellness

Puppy and Kitten Wellness

Regular vet visits for puppies and kittens are essential to support their growth and development.

Service | Quality-of-Life Consultation

Quality-of-Life Consultation

Keep your aging or ill pet comfortable at home as long as possible with hospice planning and care.

Service | Sick Visit

Sick Visit

When your pet isn’t feeling well or you have concerns about their overall health, we’ll come to you.

Service | Vaccination


Keep your pet up to date on essential vaccines and boosters as part of their preventative care plan.

Service | Virtual Vet Visit

Virtual Vet Visit

Connect with a vet online whenever you have questions about your pet’s health and behavior.

Service | Wellness Exam

Wellness Exam

In-Home Wellness Exams are key to your furry family member’s health and longevity.

Arlington Heights Mobile Vet Pricing

Below, you’ll find the price ranges for some of our most popular services. Pricing* for in-home veterinary visits will vary based on your location and the specific services your pet requires, along with other factors such as the type, age, and health condition of your pet.

*Prices do not include additional items such as blood work, diagnostic tests, or vaccinations.

Service Price
Wellness/Sick Physical Exam $99
Travel Fee $89
Telemedicine Consultation $69
Vaccination $43 - $140
Fecal Test $50 - $120
Heartworm and Tick Disease Screening (Canine Only) $108
Microchip $89
Quality-of-Life Consultation $229
Euthanasia $309 - $449
Domestic Health Certificate $229
International Health Certificate $599
Please note that regardless of the number of pets attended to during a single visit – you are only charged one travel fee. Euthanasia and diagnostics costs fluctuate depending on the type, age, and health condition of your pet. Prices are subject to modification.

What Our Clients Say

Laura Merrick on Google
I recently had the pleasure of using BetterVet's in-house vet service, and I can't sing their praises enough! The entire experience was top-notch, starting with their exceptional timeliness. They understand that our time is valuable, and they made sure to adhere to the scheduled appointment with precision. What truly sets BetterVet apart is their unparalleled accommodation. My dog has some unique needs, and they went above and beyond to ensure that the visit was tailored to meet those specific requirements. The level of care and attention they provided was heartwarming. The staff at BetterVet are not just professionals; they are compassionate individuals who genuinely care about the well-being of your pets. Their ability to adjust and adapt to different situations speaks volumes about their commitment to providing the best possible service. Overall, my experience with BetterVet was nothing short of excellent. If you're looking for a vet service that combines expertise with a personal touch, look no further. I highly recommend BetterVet to all pet owners seeking timely, accommodating, and customized care for their beloved companions.
Julie Dunne on Google
SO happy I tried this service! Both of the vets that came for our first appointment - cat with UTI - were kind, friendly, professional, and took their time to both listen to my concerns and examine our cat. Way less stressful on the cat than loading him into the car, and the cost was about the same as going to the regular vet. WORTH IT. Highly recommend, and also this is so great for pet owners that might not be able to load their animal into the car and get them to and from the vet. This should be way more standard for first-intervention pet care.
Linda Liang on Google
OMG. "The BetterVet team" were a blessing! We thought our cat Jasper was going to leave us. He has anxiety attacks when you try to get him to the vet, and he was so sick we didn't know what to do. I found BetterVet on the internet and they couldn't have been any better. They were both very kind and gentle with Jasper, who can be feisty. The last vet couldn't even get blood work done, and they were able to get blood work, a urine sample, clip his toe nails and give him a shot for his UTI. That, most likely saved Jasper's life. We are so grateful for them. They were thorough, knowledgeable, kind and caring. They took their time to make sure they covered everything with Jasper. "Our BetterVet veterinarian" even called us on a Saturday and went through, in detail his recommendations for Jasper. A five star rating isn't high enough! On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being high, I would give them a 10! Thank you both. "BetterVet team members", for your excellent care of our beloved pet, Jasper. Linda and Barry
Cory Osborne on Google
Simply the best veterinary service I’ve had in Chicago. I’m old school- grew up on James Herriott, surrounded by farm dogs, always had a local vet who doubled as a family friend. In recent years, I have come to lament the (inevitable) corporate takeover of the vet space. I don’t blame the vets in these cases- but all too often their hands are tied by company policy and red tape. My current best friend is in his 17th year, and feeling his old age. My wife and I were dreading the propspect of taking him to a vet’s office (Max hates clinics) and the stress/cost/emotional weight of discussing elder pet care scenarios. Then someone recommended BetterVet. In one word our experience was AWESOME. Setting up the appointment was easy, the service was prompt. "The BetterVet staff" were friendly, warm, knowledgable and compassionate. We found the prices to be very reasonable, and were able to come up with a great care plan to make sure our old buddy can enjoy his golden years in comfort and dignity. Would highly recommend…heck I AM highly recommending you check these folks out.
Lauren Faul on Google
My cat Rascal was having a bunch of issues; he wasn't eating well and having bowel trouble. I tried calling local vets to have him seen, but everyone had appointments out for at least a MONTH. I needed Rascal seen NOW. I am SO glad I found BetterVet and that they serviced Lake County. They were able to come in 3 days. Life saver! My cat also has severe car anxiety and it was so nice not to put him under more stress while he already didn't feel his best. "The BetterVet team" were great. They gave me such peace of mind. They were both personable and friendly and explained everything thoroughly. "Our BetterVet veterinarian" follow up call was great and she answered all my questions. I really appreciated the fact that they were cost conscious and didn't try to do unnecessary testing. All in all great experience and would use again!! Thank you!!

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