As a dog parent, you do your best to give your canine companion all the attention, love, exercise, and proper nutrition they require.

But how often should you take your dog to the vet? The frequency of vet visits can vary based on your dog's age, health, and lifestyle.

Like humans, dogs require regular vet checkups as part of their preventative care, which will help your dog to live a longer life. Longer life means more walks, more snuggles, and more time together!

Here's our expert advice on the frequency of vet visits for your dog or puppy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Annual vet check-ups are recommended for adult dogs to ensure their overall health and detect any potential issues early.
  • Puppies require multiple vet visits in their first year for vaccinations, growth monitoring, and discussions about spaying/neutering and diet.
  • Senior dogs should have bi-annual wellness exams and additional screenings due to their increased susceptibility to health problems.

How Often Should Your Dog Visit the Vet?

According to our licensed veterinarians, you should take your dog to the vet at least once a year for its annual check-up. For puppies and senior dogs, you should make routine vet appointments to ensure they are vaccinated, disease free, and healthy.

Here's a general guideline on how often different groups of dogs should visit the vet:

Puppies Vet Visit Frequency

Just like kittens, puppies require several vet visits in their first year. Starting around 6-8 weeks of age, they'll need a series of vaccinations and check-ups to ensure your puppies are growing well and to detect any potential health issues. Your vet will also discuss spaying or neutering and dietary needs.

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Adult Dogs (1-7 years) Vet Visit Frequency

For adult dogs, a general rule of thumb is a veterinary check-up once a year. These visits include a thorough physical examination, dental check, and any necessary vaccinations.

Regular screenings can help detect any potential health issues early.

Senior Dogs (7 years and older) Vet Visit Frequency

Senior dogs, like senior cats, are more prone to health problems and might need to see the vet twice a year for wellness exams and blood work.

They might also need additional screenings for age-related conditions.

Dogs with Health Issues Vet Visit Frequency

Dogs with chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or arthritis might require more frequent vet visits to manage their health.

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Working Dogs Vet Visit Frequency

These high-performing dog breeds may require more frequent check-ups due to the physical demands placed on them.

BetterVet Brings Vet Visits to Your Home

Most dogs hate going to the vet, and the entire process of getting there is stressful for both you and your pup.

Your dog not only has to brave unfamiliar territory but also the sounds and smells of other pets at the clinic. The result can be a lot of barking and resistance.

No dog owner wants to go through that ordeal, so we may hesitate to bring our canine friends for regular checkups. Stressful as the journey may be, your puppy requires regular vet care.

Luckily, BetterVet provides high-quality in-home veterinary services to pet owners - making the whole process a million times easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during an in-home dog wellness exam?

Once you schedule your in-home visit, our mobile veterinarian and nurse will come to your home to give your canine a nose-to-tail examination. Our doctor will discuss your pet’s history and determine the best vaccine schedule for your dog before administering any vaccine.

Are there online vet visit alternatives for cats?

Besides home visits, our BetterVet pet parents can also access our services via video consultation. These consultations allow us to follow up on your dog's health and answer any veterinary medicine questions you may have.