How to merge an ezyVet contact or patient

In this guide you’ll find the steps to merge contacts and patients with duplicates

By Ignacio Zaragozi


  • On ezyVet, check for the newest date on the ‘Appointments’ tab on each of the duplicate contacts and patients to determine which ones needs to be merged and which are kept:

Ideally, the contact or patient with the latest appointments should be the one to be kept and the rest should be merged, but in order to make sure this is the one that needs to be kept, we need to check if it exists on our own database via MongoDB.

  • In order to check if the contact or patient exists on our database, we’ll start by right clicking on the contact or patient’s tab on ezyVet and select ‘Copy Link’:

  • On MongoDB, under the ‘betterVet’ database, look for both the ‘users’ and ‘patients’ collections: 


  • On both the ‘users’ and ‘patients’ collections type {id:} and paste the link we copied previously:

  • Leave the ID number from that link so it looks like {id:NUMBER} then press enter. You should now see the contact or patient information like so:


Having now made sure that the intended contacts and patients that you wish to keep exist on the database, you can now proceed to merge the duplicates on ezyVet. 

  • To this end, make sure you copy the ‘Contact Code’ and go to the ‘Merge’ tab on the duplicate contact or patient:

  • Now to back to the contact or patient we want to keep and go to the ‘Merge’ tab, then paste the code and press the ‘Merge’ button:

  • Once the merge is complete, if the merged contact had patients of its own, they’ll be moved over as well. If they are called the same, you can merge these patients as well using the same process as before:

Once this is done, you’ll have a single contact and/or patient on ezyVet with all other entries merged!