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Pet Travel Certificates

International and certain domestic travel with your pet will require an examination by a USDA-certified veterinarian, other qualifications dependent on the importing state or country, and the issuance of an endorsed health certificate. BetterVet veterinarians are USDA-certified and will be able to issue these certificates.

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What is a Pet Travel Certificate?

A pet travel certificate is a document provided by your veterinarian certifying your cat or dog is healthy to travel. There are different requirements depending on state and/or country.

When to Get Your Cat or Dog’s Domestic Travel Certificate

If you are traveling domestically, you generally will need to have your cat or dog’s health certificate handy, which should at the very least include vaccination records, signed by your veterinarian. States like Hawaii require very specific rabies vaccination and testing, and the process should be started 3 months in advance.

When to Get Your Cat or Dog’s International Travel Certificate

If you are traveling internationally, you are subject to each country's requirements. Some countries have very strict pet health requirements, so make sure to plan well ahead! You may be asked to update your pet’s vaccines or in some cases, quarantine for a period of time. The USDA APHIS pet travel website outlines these individual requirements and can be found here:

Our Process

Please always plan ahead of time as some countries have strict requirements for importation. For example, pets often need to be examined and certified within a very specific window prior to travel. The certificates we issue will sometimes then need to be endorsed by the USDA directly after your pet’s examination and requires a few days to turn around.

Once you’re ready to book, you can schedule an appointment for your pet’s health certificate through our app or website. After you’ve booked, we will send you a quick form that you must complete before the appointment. This will facilitate the conversation during your appointment.

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