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Pet Dentistry & Teeth Cleaning

Did you know 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats have some kind of oral disease by the age of three? Pet dental disease is more common than you think. Making sure your pet has a high-quality check-up from your veterinarian at least once a year is the most impactful thing you can do to prevent disease!

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Why is Pet Dental Care Important?

Pet dental health is so important because bacteria in a pet's mouth spread throughout the body, which can affect the rest of their health and well-being. The most common serious result of poor dental health is infected valves in your pet’s heart. We can help you learn more about pet dental health and best practices at our blog post here!

The best way to keep your pet smiling is by taking preventative measures.

How Does Pet Dental Cleaning Work?

Once your BetterVet veterinarian has determined that your pet needs routine dental cleaning, we will run pre-operative blood work to make sure your pet is healthy. Pet Dental cleaning covers full mouth x-ray, anesthesia, comprehensive oral exam, followed by cleaning and polishing. Sometimes during a dental cleaning, your doctor may uncover unforeseen problems which require additional services. These will be discussed with you on an individual basis.

Our Process

Generally, your pet’s teeth are examined during their annual wellness exam. In this exam, your veterinarian will determine if your pet is in need of dental cleaning. If your pet hasn’t had a wellness visit in the last 6 months, an in-home visit is required to determine your pet’s dental care needs. Once it has been decided, your doctor will run required blood work to make sure your pet is healthy for the cleaning.

Cleaning typically involves scaling, which removes the tartar and plaque build up near or below the gumline. This is followed by polishing, which smooths the surface of your pet’s teeth, and prevents plaque build up by making it harder to adhere to your pet’s teeth.

After the teeth cleaning, your BetterVet doctor will prescribe any medications as needed for infections and/or pain.

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