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What to Expect From Your Mobile Veterinary Appointment

Choosing mobile veterinary care can be a big step for some pet parents. Even though it comes with the promise of a calmer pet, there are typically a lot of questions people have regarding the entire process. Will my pet receive the same level of care? How will my pet react? These are valid questions! Allow us to give you an idea of what you can expect from a typical appointment with your mobile veterinarian.

Talking With Your Veterinarian

First and foremost, you’ll welcome your veterinarian and the veterinary nurse inside your home and give them the rundown on what is going on with your pet. Even if the appointment is simply a routine checkup, it’s important to share all relevant tidbits about your pet’s condition.

While your veterinarian and veterinary nurse are well-trained professionals who will be able to ascertain aspects of your pet’s health while examining them, any details you can provide about your pet’s everyday behaviors can give them a better overall understanding. Always be sure to keep your veterinarian up-to-date on any perceived changes to your pet’s health.

Holistic Examinations

Once you’ve filled your veterinarian in, they will get to work on examining your pet. A big question pet parents may have both prior to making the switch to a mobile veterinarian and during the first appointment is, “Will my pet receive the same level of care they would at a veterinary clinic?” The answer to that question is a resounding “yes!”. Your veterinary team may have already reviewed your pet’s medical records prior to the appointment or they may review them at your home. Upon review, they will confirm what procedures and diagnostics are necessary for the visit. Your veterinarian will always discuss any recommended diagnostics with you.

Unlike in a veterinary clinic, you’ll be able to stay with your pet the entire time and let the veterinarian know what they can do to keep your pet comfortable throughout the examination. Your team will come prepared with all the needed equipment as well. Mobile veterinarians are not limited by your home environment and will be able to conduct all appropriate procedures within the confines of your home. We elevate our veterinary practice by utilizing technological advancements. Some of our available equipment includes blood pressure monitors, intraocular pressure tools, digital stethoscopes, and mobile ultrasound machines.

After your appointment, your mobile veterinarian will send over any lab results as they come through. She will also follow up with a call to talk through the results. Additionally, you can schedule a video call with your vet at any time if there is a medical concern with your pet.

A Calmer, Healthier Pet

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, choosing a mobile veterinarian helps to keep your pet calm and at relative ease throughout their entire medical appointment. Many pet parents know the struggle of getting their pet to the vet. Pets often associate visits to the vet with fear and panic, which can make getting them in the car and then into the clinic and back a stressful process for everyone involved. So, rest assured knowing your pet will be able to remain comfortable and stress-free while staying in their known home environment.

Furthermore, all of our veterinary professionals are Fear Free® certified . This means they are trained to keep your pet relaxed throughout their health check-up. If they notice anxiety starts to creep in, they can employ several Fear Fear techniques to mitigate fear and stress. They may also give your pet a few tasty treats for good measure. The Fear Free approach coupled with their years of experience empower our veterinarians and veterinary nurses to provide superior healthcare in the comfort of your own home.

Choose Better Pet Health with BetterVet

Remove stressful veterinary clinic visits from the equation and choose our mobile veterinary option. We can’t wait to get started! Download our mobile app and get your pet on track to better health.

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