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The Basics of Mobile Veterinary Care with BetterVet

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At BetterVet, our goal is to provide exceptional veterinary care in the comfort of your home. Without the need to chauffer your pet to the veterinary clinic, you may be wondering how to prepare for your first BetterVet visit. Keep reading for more information about what to expect from our skilled veterinary team.

Your Mobile Veterinary Professional  

Your BetterVet veterinary doctor will provide all of the services you are accustomed to receiving from any other veterinarian; we just bring them to you!

Your Fear Free® veterinary team will usually include one veterinary doctor along with a skilled veterinary nurse. We’ll start by introducing our team and asking where you would like us to set up for your pet’s examination. If we haven’t already, your veterinary team will review your pet’s previous medical records, then let you know which vaccines, procedures, and/or diagnostics are recommended during the visit. You’ll be part of the entire process as you share your pet’s history and let us know the best ways to keep him/her comfortable during the examination.

Following your appointment, your veterinarian will contact you with any pending lab work results. You’ll even be able to access your pet’s medical records in our smartphone app and can reach out to your veterinary doctor at any time if you have a medical concern for your pet.

Vaccinations & Other Preventative Measures

Keeping your pet up-to-date on various vaccinations is an important part of preventative veterinary care. Many of these diseases pose serious health risks to your pet should he/she be exposed. Luckily, we can bring vaccines to you and keep your pet as comfortable as possible while they are administered.

Below is a list of common vaccinations for cats and dogs. Some of these are recommended for every patient, while others depend on your pet’s lifestyle. Your veterinarian will be happy to discuss the best vaccine protocol for your pet. Stayed tuned for future blog posts with more information about each one of these diseases. We’ll also recommend the best year-round heartworm flea, tick, and intestinal parasite prevention strategies. These include topical or oral monthly medications in combination with annual fecal testing. All dogs will need regular heartworm and tick-borne disease testing.

Common Vaccinations for Cats
  • Rabies
  • Feline Distemper and respiratory combined vaccine (Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia)
  • Feline leukemia

Common Vaccinations for Dogs
  • Rabies
  • DHPP: Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Lyme
  • Leptospirosis

Scheduling Regular Check-Ups

We always recommend annual wellness examinations for our patients. These visits may even occur more frequently if your pet has a health concern or needs additional booster vaccines, such as when he/she is starting a new vaccine series. Fortunately, scheduling veterinary visits is easier than ever in the BetterVet smartphone app. Let us know when you’d like us to arrive and we’ll be sure your pet is as comfortable and relaxed as possible while receiving medical care in a familiar environment. Our goal is to make regular veterinary care easier and more accessible than ever before.  

Discover Better Veterinary Care With BetterVet

Mobile veterinary care removes all hassle while working in harmony with your schedule and your pet’s needs. Learn more about how we operate at BetterVet and consider if the benefits of mobile veterinary care are right for you and your pet. We can’t wait to introduce you to the BetterVet family!

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