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BetterVet’s Fear Free® Approach to Pet Care

BetterVet’s Fear Free® Vet Approach to Pet Care | BetterVet

Does your pet become stressed and fearful during visits to a veterinary office? We have found that many animals will be more comfortable when their veterinarian can perform an examination in the home. To further ensure the best experience possible, our family of veterinary doctors and nurses is Fear Free® certified, which means that we have been specially trained to recognize your animal’s fear responses and work to alleviate them. Our goal is to have our patients actually enjoy their visits!

What is Fear Free® Veterinary Care?

We all know that a trip to the park or play session with a new toy are usually more fun for our pets than a trip to the veterinary office. Fear Free® was developed by Dr. Marty Becker and a large group of experts in companion animal behavior specifically to help animals who may be anxious or fearful have pleasant veterinary visits. Together, they created a revolutionary approach to veterinary medicine that keeps our patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible. By using tasty treats, recognizing canine and feline body language, and adjusting our own bodies and voices, along with a variety of other methods, many dogs and cats can learn to react positively to veterinary appointments. If your dog or cat is nervous, we’ll move slowly while using soft voices and gentle encouragement. When needed, we know exactly what kind of considerate restraint will be safe and respectful for your pet. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure the emotional and physical comfort of our patients.

What Can I Do to Help My Pet Feel Comfortable During a Veterinary Appointment in My Home?

This is a great question and can look different for cats and dogs. We always recommend isolating your cat to a confined space prior to our arrival. If possible, please locate a quiet area with minimal hiding spots to avoid a game of hide-and-seek. For both cats and dogs, we want to seem like any other visitor to your home. We’ll bring treats, play with your dog’s toys, and provide enough distractions to have them barely notice the procedures we perform. Please let us know if there are any allergies in your home, including peanut butter or cream cheese: these are great ways to provide a reward and entertainment! If your dog may be anxious, we would recommend having his/her favorite toys and treats available so that we can make the visit as positive as possible.

Your BetterVet Professionals are Fear Free® Licensed!

A comfortable, friendly veterinary visit is a safe veterinary visit for your pet. All of our veterinary doctors and nurses are Fear Free® certified and work tirelessly to ensure the emotional wellbeing of your pet throughout his or her appointment. You can learn more about the Fear Free® approach here. Discover the BetterVet difference and download our app today!

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