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Can I Stay With My Pet During In-Home Euthanasia? | BetterVet

When it's time to say goodbye to our fur-babies, it's a heartbreaking and emotional time. Furthermore, if your dog or cat gets stressed in the car or anxious at the veterinary clinic, it can feel wrong to put them through such an ordeal during their last moments. This is why, in many situations, in-home euthanasia is a preferable option. While still incredibly sad, in-home euthanasia can allow you to spend quality time with your pet right until the end. Rather than being afraid, your pet will be in a familiar and comfortable environment, surrounded by their family and people who love them. If you're concerned about your pet's quality of life and want to discuss end-of-life care or schedule an in-home euthanasia appointment, our compassionate veterinary doctors and nurses are here to help. 


All About In-Home Euthanasia

Can I Stay With My Pet During In-Home Euthanasia?

We encourage you to stay with your pet during in-home euthanasia. The veterinarian will let you know how the procedure works every step of the way, and they'll make sure you are comfortable moving forward before starting the procedure. If you are worried about what to expect, your vet will be available to answer all your questions. Your pet will be given a sedative which will allow them to relax before the final injection is given. You can find more information by reading what to expect during in-home euthanasia.


Where Is the Best Place to Perform In-Home Euthanasia?

If you choose to have your dog or cat euthanized at home, you might be wondering where it's best to do the procedure. Many pet parents choose to have the euthanasia performed on the pet's bed or the sofa, but you might choose their favorite spot in the backyard or their favorite cozy snoozing spot. It's worth being prepared for the leaking of urine or feces after your pet has passed away, so you can protect carpets or soft furnishings with puppy pads or waterproof sheets.


How Long Does In-Home Euthanasia Take?

The in-home euthanasia process takes approximately 30 minutes, but your veterinarian will be happy to take as long as you need to feel comfortable and ready. As mentioned above, your veterinarian will first administer a sedative so your pet feels comfortable and relaxed. The final injection after sedation usually takes 30-60 seconds, but your pet will already be relaxed before then. Our first priority is to support and provide comfort to you and your pet during your pet’s peaceful transition over the rainbow bridge.

How Do I Book In-Home Euthanasia?

If you've decided it's the right time to say your final goodbye, you can schedule an in-home euthanasia appointment online or on our mobile app. However, we understand that deciding to euthanize your pet is incredibly tough and that the rollercoaster of good and bad days can make end-of-life decisions very complicated and emotional. Remember, our experienced veterinarians are available to help you assess your pet's quality of life and decide when the time is right.


What Happens After the Euthanasia Procedure?

After the euthanasia, your veterinarian will confirm that your pet has transitioned over the rainbow bridge. Your vet will then give you some private time to say your personal goodbyes. You may choose to have your pet cremated, which can be organized by your family, or by your veterinarian. If you would like your pet’s ashes returned to you to keep in an urn or to scatter in a special place, this can be arranged. However, if you’d rather remember your pet in other ways, standard cremation without ashes returned is also available. If you’d like to keep your pet at home and bury them on your property, this is also an option for you, if it is permissible in the town where you live.


Why In-Home Euthanasia is a Humane Choice

In-home euthanasia gives you more control over the process, allowing you to add personal touches to your pet’s passing. Fearful or anxious pets will feel more at ease in their home environment, and our team of vets can work with you to make saying goodbye as peaceful and dignified as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my pet home after being put down?

When a pet is put to sleep at a veterinary clinic, the clinic can organize cremation for you, or you can organize it yourself. You will have the option to take your pet home to bury them if the ordinances in your area allow this.


Should I be there when my dog gets euthanized?

It is a very emotional time when faced with the loss of a pet. The idea of euthanizing a pet at a vet clinic or without you being in the room with them may only increase your anxiety. Humane euthanasia at home is less stressful for pet parents and also for the pet, who is surrounded by people they know and love. Choosing a skilled and compassionate mobile veterinary team can make euthanasia peaceful, even without the pet’s family present. So, if you don’t feel able to accompany your dog or cat during their final moments, rest assured your pet will still reach their final resting place feeling calm and loved.


Can I hold my dog while they are put to sleep?

Yes - you can hold, talk to, and pat your pet during the procedure. Your veterinarian will show you where they need to be to perform the euthanasia. That way you can cuddle and comfort your dog without feeling like you are in the way.