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5 Reasons to Choose Mobile Veterinary Care

5 Reasons to Choose Safe Mobile Veterinary Care | BetterVet

Choose BetterVet for Superior Mobile Vet Care in Your Home

Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, there’s no denying that your pet(s) are crucial members of your family.

They make you smile, bring you comfort, get you outside, teach you lessons, and maybe even get on your nerves sometimes. Aside from giving your pets all the love they deserve, the best way to take care of them is to ensure that they receive regular veterinary care.

We all know that bringing your pet to a veterinary clinic may be easier said than done. For many animals, a veterinary visit induces crippling anxiety and fear. To keep your pet comfortable and free from stress, consider choosing a mobile veterinarian in the Boston area. The benefits of mobile veterinary care are countless. Let’s review a few of the reasons we think you and your pet will love BetterVet!

1. Total Convenience

Mobile veterinary care is as convenient and accessible as veterinary care can be. Your days of tempting your dog into the car with treats or wrestling your cat into a carrier are gone. Instead, you can all relax at home while our skilled veterinary team comes to you. Our doctors and nurses will bring everything they need to perform thorough physical examinations, give vaccinations, and perform blood tests, along with countless other procedures.

Have you ever needed to cancel a veterinary appointment because your schedule is constantly changing? At BetterVet, we put our schedule in your hands through our mobile app. You tell us when you want us to arrive, and we’ll be at your doorstep with dog and cat treats in hand.

2. More Personal Time With Your Veterinarian

With BetterVet’s mobile veterinary care, you will always be a part of your pet’s appointment. While we are visiting your home, we’ll ensure that you have plenty of time to ask questions, share details, and provide feedback on your animal’s care. We consider veterinary medicine to be a team effort, and know that you are a vital part of that team! We’ll never be in a rush or cut your appointment short.

3. Less Stress and More Comfort for Your Pet

We know veterinary visits can be stressful for your entire family. Anxiety about going to the veterinary office can even lead to your pets never wanting to get in the car. Of course, the car ride is just the beginning of the appointment. Mobile veterinary care means your pet can continue to associate car rides with a trip to the park or to grandma’s house. Instead of a loud waiting room with fluorescent lights and many other animals, your dog or cat can wait comfortably on the couch until we arrive.

4. Mobile Vet Care is Best for Pet Parents with Multiple Pets

For multi-pet households, ensuring that all of your animals get their wellness checks can be a difficult task. If you can’t schedule back-to-back appointments in the clinic, then you’ll need to make separate trips for each animal, which just adds to everyone’s stress. Choosing mobile veterinary care keeps visits to a minimum since we will always see all of your animals at once. You’ll be able to easily schedule multi-pet appointments through our app.

5. Keeps Exposure to Contagions to a Minimum

If we lived in a perfect world, our pets would be healthy and content for their entire lives. Unfortunately, some animals will develop illnesses, many of which are contagious. There is always a chance that another pet in a veterinary waiting room could be carrying a disease that your animal could contract. When you opt for mobile veterinary care, your waiting room and examination area are your own home, so you will never have to worry about exposure to another animal’s illness.

Choose BetterVet for Superior Mobile Vet Care in Your Home

At BetterVet, we understand how important access to your animal’s veterinary care can be. Our skilled professionals will visit your pet in the comfort of your own home. With no commute, no cages, and no other pets to serve as distractions, mobile veterinary care is convenient, accessible, and comfortable for your dog or cat. Check out our website or download our app to learn more about the difference mobile veterinary care can make.


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