What Are You Thankful For?

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is a perfect time to appreciate our four-legged friends and all that they do for us. While many of us pause to reflect on all we have to be thankful for this holiday season, there are many reasons to be thankful for our pets. Despite chewing our shoes or scratching up our furniture, the good they bring to our lives is unmatched. Often, our pets can make the darkest days seem brighter. At BetterVet, our gratitude for our pets far surpasses a 10 count list, but here are 10 things about our pets to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

10 Things About Pets to Be Grateful For on Thanksgiving

  1. Unconditional love, even when we don’t love ourselves 
  2. Cleaning, made easier with a four-legged, furry vacuum 
  3. Someone to always come home to, even if they wait in their crate rather than by the door
  4. Fitness motivation, because pets make the best personal trainers 
  5. Hugs, because there is no hug quite like a furry one
  6. Great listeners, and won’t ever judge you 
  7. Best wingman, because who doesn’t love a cute pup or kitten?
  8. Amazing kisser, despite not so minty breath
  9. Adventure buddy, because they won’t ever turn down a hike or car ride 
  10. Laughter, our pets bring so much joy to our lives and never fail to bring smiles to our faces 

This Thanksgiving…

For many of us our pets have provided friendship, support, endless entertainment during quarantine this past year, and have helped us navigate the struggles that have come with it. We want to give thanks to our pets, who are there for us through the good and bad times. This Thanksgiving, let us appreciate our furry friends that much extra!