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Best Pet Adoption Centers & Animal Shelters in Austin

Top Austin Animal Shelters & Adoption Centers | BetterVet

Animal shelters across the country are filled with pets in need of a forever home. In many cases, shelters are home to older pets or pets that have behavioral issues that make finding the perfect home a bit harder. We believe that all pets deserve a loving home for life. If you are considering adopting a pet in Austin, consider visiting one of Austin’s many shelters and opening your home to a dog or cat in need. 

At BetterVet, we're dedicated to providing premium vet-care services. Think of us as your go-to mobile vet in Austin, Texas. We offer full veterinary services such as vaccinations, spaying and neutering, pain management, neurological exams, microchipping, and wellness exams for puppies & kittens. We are dedicated to helping pet parents give their furry friends the best lease on life when it comes to their care, providing solutions for pets from early ages to senior years. Mobile vet care is a great solution for older and anxious pets, as we come to your home. 

Whether you are looking for a puppy or kitten, or want to bring an older pet into your home, BetterVet can help you offer your furry friend better care for life. Here are some of the animal shelters and pet adoption centers around Austin where you can find dogs and cats ready for adoption today. 

1. Austin Pets Alive!

As the name suggests, Austin Pets Alive advocates against the euthanasia of abandoned pets. This organization strives to make Austin a "no-kill" city for all pets. They accomplish this through innovative programs and partnerships with other shelters and pet welfare organizations. 

By doing so, they rescue sick and injured pets and provide the care they need to recover before finding them forever homes. The organization relies on community support to achieve its goals. Even if you are not able to adopt a pet, you can still help local pets in need by choosing to support this local program. 

Austin Pets Alive has a variety of pets available for adoption. Plus, you can view upcoming events such as adoption meet-and-greets, fundraising opportunities, and educational seminars.

2. Texas Humane Heroes

Who doesn't need a helping hand at some point in their lives? Well, so do pets - you could be the hero they've been waiting for. Texas Humane Heroes is always on the lookout for people willing to open their homes to a pet in need. This organization has been around for over 40 years and has helped place thousands of pets in caring homes. 

Just like Austin Pets Alive, Texas Humane Heroes promote the no-kill movement. They have a wide network of pet welfare partners and provide services to the community, such as low-cost/no-cost spay and neuter services, vaccinations, and more. And by hosting family-friendly community events, the organization makes Austin pet adoption a cinch - as aspiring pet parents can easily find an adoptable pet.

3. Austin Animal Center

What does it take to shelter 16,000 pets? Think of all the food, toys, and other supplies needed to keep them comfortable. Now, imagine having to meet the needs of 16,000 furry friends every year! 

That is the mission of Austin Animal Center. Whether dealing with a stray or an owner-surrendered pet, this organization provides a haven for all kinds of pets - regardless of breed, age, health, or species. They also work to reunite lost pets with their owners and place others in new homes.

Similarly, they offer protection services by defending neglected and abused pets. They also provide educational resources to help the public better care for their pets and prevent pet cruelty. If you plan to adopt a pet, consider checking out what the center offers.

4. PAWS Shelter of Central Texas

As a non-profit organization, PAWS Shelter was founded over 30 years ago with the sole goal of saving the lives of homeless pets. They do this by teaming up with like-minded organizations - other shelters, rescue organizations, and community members - to place pets in suitable homes. Their dedication has helped them place thousands of pets in loving homes.

PAWS Shelter is also quite innovative. They offer a "trap-neuter-return" program for feral cats, which humanely reduces the number of homeless felines on the streets. Plus, their low-cost spay and neuter clinic and pet food bank help low-income pet parents take care of their fur babies. 

The center’s commitment to giving pets a second chance is commendable. To make this possible, they attend to pets needing medical care, whether we're talking about routine or specialized treatment. Such services include spaying and neutering, dental work, and cancer treatment.

5. Austin Dog Rescue

When talking about pet adoption centers, you might think of the traditional view of wall-to-wall cages with pets kept in minimal comfort. However, that is not the case when it comes to the majority of pet shelters throughout Austin! 

Unlike other pet adoption centers, Austin Dog Rescue adopts a different approach. The Austin Dog Rescue places rescued pups with foster parents while working to find them a forever home in the Austin area. Since many of their team members are volunteers who love dogs and want to see them living their best lives, the cost of upkeep for Austin Dog Rescue - including adoption fees - is often lower than other shelters. 

What's more, they offer a wide variety of high-quality services, such as training, behavior modification, and pet foster care. It's no wonder they've become one of Texas's most popular rescue organizations.

Fostering a pet is a great way to know if a pet is a good addition to your home. Becoming a foster parent for a pet in need is a great way to help pets in your community, even if you are not ready for the commitment of being a pet parent long term. 

Ideally, Austin pet adoption centers offer a haven for all pets and work to reunite lost pets with their pet parents, among other services. If you have been looking for a dog or cat to join your family, consider checking out your local Austin adoption centers first! 

More Pet-Friendly Resources in Austin

In addition to our list of pet adoption resources in Austin, you might be interested in our other lists of pet-friendly resources in Austin- like dog parks, hotels, and pet supply stores. If you plan to adopt a new pet, keep in mind that mobile vet care is a great option for rescue pets. There is no need to navigate car rides and vet clinics when your pet needs to be seen, as our mobile veterinarians will visit you at your Austin home. Book an appointment today.

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