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Top 5 Pet Bakeries Around Brooklyn & NYC | BetterVet

Top 5 Pet Bakeries Around Brooklyn

To round out our series on pet-friendly businesses in the Brooklyn area is our list of best pet bakeries in NYC. When you want to reward your dog or cat with a special treat, bringing them home something from one of these 5 pet bakeries near Brooklyn is sure to make your pet feel loved. Besides being an excellent training tool, pet treats can supplement nutrition, increase the bond you have with your pet, and can even reduce boredom.  


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1) Lil L’s Artisan Dog Treats

Lil L’s offers a variety of all-natural, meat-based treats for dogs. Choose from cookies, cakes, dog food toppers, and more - oh my!  Made with locally-sourced ingredients, the owners have created recipes meant to be as non-allergenic to dogs as possible. 


2) District Dog

District Dog also made our list of pet-friendly shopping activities in Brooklyn. In addition to pet supplies, they also offer a selection of specialty treats for dogs and cats that are fit for pet royalty. Does your furry best friend have a birthday coming up? District Dog makes yogurt-frosted cupcakes, cookies, and cakes that will make your pet drool. 


3) Nomy Nomy Pet Bakery

While not technically in Brooklyn, this amazing pet bakery offers both pick-up and delivery. Nomy Nomy’s offerings are so beautiful, you would think you are in a French bakery for humans, but don’t be tempted - these treats are for dogs and cats!  Choose from pastries, everyday cakes, and the pièce de résistance- custom cakes decorated with your pet’s likeness - ooh la la! 

4) The Little Big Dog Barkery

The Little Big Dog Barkery makes homemade treats for dogs with premium ingredients that are free of preservatives, fillers, additives, and chemicals. Their selection of large and small dog bones includes carrot, apple and banana, and peanut butter recipes. While there is no storefront to visit, The Little Dog Barkery will deliver to the Brooklyn area and will ship anywhere else. 


5) Axel & Tia’s Pet Bakery

Axel & Tia’s Pet Bakery is a small pet bakery that will deliver locally in NYC or ship their tasty treats to you and your furry friends (for free with orders over $100). Their cake-decorating skills are on par with some of the best pastry chefs for humans, and they also make specialty donuts, cookies, and cupcakes for both dogs and cats. Most ingredients are organic and sourced locally.

More Pet-Friendly Resources in Brooklyn

In addition to our list of best pet bakeries around Brooklyn, we’ve also created other guides for pet parents living in or visiting Brooklyn, such as pet-friendly bars, hotels, and local off-leash dog parks. If you have any questions about your pet’s nutritional needs or allergies, or if your pet isn’t feeling well, our team of mobile vets in Brooklyn will come to you. Book a home visit with BetterVet online or on our convenient app and our veterinary team will examine your pet wherever in Brooklyn you are. Schedule an appointment today.