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Best Pet Sitters in Austin, TX

Top 4 Pet Sitting Services in Austin, TX | BetterVet

Separation anxiety is as real for pets as it is for people. We spend a lot of time with our pets, creating lasting bonds built on trust and unconditional love. For this reason, it is not uncommon for pets to develop separation anxiety from their pet parents, which can lead to behavioral and even health issues. This type of anxiety and behavior is even more common in puppies and kittens, who may also be getting used to a new environment. 

One thing that pet parents looking to alleviate separation anxiety can do is look for a qualified pet sitter. Pet sitters and doggy daycare services are the perfect answer for those who can’t always be with their pets - due to long work hours, travel time, or other reasons - but still want their pets to have companionship and human interaction during the day. 

Many of our BetterVet veterinary professionals are pet parents too, and they know all too well what it's like to worry about your pet while they're at home and you're not. Our Austin vet team also understands the daily hassle many parents go through trying to find a quality doggy daycare or sitter.

If you're Austin-based and need a top-rated pet sitter, we've done the homework for you. Check out our favorite Austin pet sitters (and local favorites) below:

1. Spot On Pet Sitting

Our pets are used to a routine - especially regarding their feeding times! If we tweak those routines, it can make our pets anxious. The most common responses to anxiety include pottying accidents and destructive behaviors. 

Spot On Pet Sitting offers in-home pet sitters who will care for your pet’s needs and follow your everyday routines as closely as possible to help keep your pet relaxed, safe, and secure. 

Spot On also offers many services like feeding, walking, and administering medication - all designed to cover your regular schedule with your pet when you can’t be there. 

The fact that they are bonded and insured is also a plus. The service has received positive reviews from clients. If you're scouring the web for personable and professional dog sitters in Austin, you won't go wrong with this service provider. 

Membership in various local and international pet sitters’ organizations means Spot On is committed to continually staying up-to-date on the latest information about pets and their well-being.

2. The Pet Gal

Pet sitting is about more than feeding times. It's also about providing pets with the love and attention they need - and you will want Austin pet sitters who share this philosophy. The Pet Gal has a near-perfect 4.8 rating on Google, which means a lot of happy tail wags. 

The services provided are in demand by dog parents in North Austin and include:

  • Dog walking and running services to help your pup stay active.
  • Personalized attention, so your fur-baby feels loved.
  • Flexible scheduling - they work around your timetable.
  • Reasonable rates without compromising on quality.

The provider also offers doggie taxi services if you run late or cannot get home on time. Their service package includes potty breaks, feeding, medication administration (if any), and of course - lots of fun and playtime.

3. Gentle Hands Pet Sitting

Gentle Hands Pet Sitting is run by Sherry Brown, a professional service provider with 17+ years of pet-related experience. At Gentle Hands, you get one-on-one care visits, updates on your pet’s day, and even picture and video reports. You may also sign up for extended stays or shorter 30-minute pop-ins.

What’s more, the service provider is available round the clock, which means you can rest easy even when traveling on short notice. Pet pampering is a priority at Gentle Hands; they’ll go above and beyond to make your pet feel special whether you’ve booked a quick check-in or a longer visit. 

And if you're hoping to get some dog walking services, you're in luck! This doggy daycare helps your fur-baby stay active and get some exercise even when you're not around. You may even opt for house-sitting services if you plan an extended getaway.

4. Fur Pet Care

This professional dog-sitting service has been in business since 2009. Fur Pet Care has an excellent reputation, evidenced by its five-star rating on Google. Some of the other reasons they're a favorite service provider for pet parents include:

  • Availability guarantee - you can rest assured Fur Pet Care will be there when you need them the most- within 48 hours of notifying them.
  • They come insured - meaning they don't take the responsibility of caring for your furry family member lightly.
  • Their dog sitters work with you to customize a care plan that suits your pet's needs.
  • They have an enthusiastic team of pet lovers who are eager to help.
  • Easy scheduling and payment process thanks to their proprietary client app.

This pet sitter includes dog walking services in their pet sitting options. The team at Fur Pet Care also offers a few more unique services in pet sitting, including dog biking and hotel pet sitting. 

We can’t always be with our pets, as much as we would love to! Whether it’s just another day at the office or an unexpected family emergency, you need the peace of mind that there is someone you trust to take care of your pet and follow their regular routine without issue when you cannot be there. Austin pet sitters can provide various services for your pet that help alleviate their anxiety - and your own - while you are away. 

More Pet-Friendly Resources in Austin

In addition to our list of best pet sitters in Austin, you might be interested in our other lists of pet-friendly resources in Austin -  like pet groomers, hotels, and off-leash dog parks. If you are looking for a new veterinarian who you can trust with your pet’s health and well-being, BetterVet Austin’s expert veterinary team will visit your pet in your home. No need to deal with the stress of car rides and carriers when you can book a home visit instead with BetterVet.

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