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The Most Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

7 Dog Friendly Neighborhoods In Brooklyn, NY | BetterVet

Are you thinking about visiting or moving to Brooklyn with your pets? Brooklyn is one of the most desirable areas in New York City to stay or live with your pets, due to its access to parks and pet-friendly amenities. Brooklyn also offers convenient access to routine and emergency veterinary care. Our Brooklyn vets will come to you, so whether you are new to the area or just visiting, we make it easy to schedule a home visit or a telemedicine appointment for your pet.


We’ve scouted out the most cat and dog-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn to make your search a little easier. Here are the Top 7 pet-friendly neighborhoods that you and your best furry friend are sure to love! 


1) Columbia Street Waterfront District

With its quaint feel and walkable streets with sidewalks, the Columbia Street Waterfront District also has several dog parks within a short distance. According to Trulia, 93% of area residents describe the neighborhood as being “dog-friendly.” One resident reviewed the neighborhood by saying “Lots of dog owners live here. There’s plenty of space to walk around and very close to Brooklyn Bridge Park.”


2) Williamsburg

You and your pet will feel right at home in the Williamsburg neighborhood, a popular residential area located in Northern Brooklyn. With a hopping music and arts scene and a high number of pet-friendly bars and breweries, there’s always lots for people and their pets to do. If you are looking for a green space to bring your dog, McCarren Park offers several dog-run areas. 


3) DUMBO/Brooklyn Heights

The DUMBO (Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and Brooklyn Heights neighborhoods have lots to offer pets and their parents. With lots of green spaces, public parks, and dog-run areas,  it also has many pedestrian- (and paw-destrian) friendly areas that  you and your furry friend can explore together. The area boasts Hillside Dog Park, one of the most popular parks in the area with its play areas, fountains, and places for humans to sit and relax. 


4) Bay Ridge

A small community of 8,000 people, the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn has many places to walk and is close to many dog-friendly parks and green spaces as well. There are also a number of pet services nearby - groomers, doggie daycares, and other pet-friendly businesses. 


5) Downtown Brooklyn

With lots of new developments, a good portion of Downtown Brooklyn’s buildings is now listed as being pet-friendly. One of the neighborhood’s dog-friendly attractions is Brooklyn Bridge Park, with its walking paths and dog runs. Downtown Brooklyn was also rated as having “The Most Diverse Breeds of Any Neighborhood,” by Rover and StreetEasy so it seems as if the more dogs the merrier in this Brooklyn area.


6) Park Slope

Park Slope is a tight-knit community known for its outdoor green spaces and pet-friendly living. 

Its quiet streets with sidewalks make it easy to walk your dog or push a cat stroller and there are many dog-friendly public parks nearby, as well as restaurants and other businesses that welcome your furry companions. 


7) Coney Island

This beachfront community offers plenty of fun things for humans and their pets to do and see. There are many pet-friendly apartment rentals as well as hotels, if you are planning on just visiting. There are lots of outdoor spaces to enjoy, from the beaches and the boardwalk, to public dog runs, to pet care to pet-friendly businesses. You will definitely want to check out Coney Island. 

More Pet-Friendly Resources in Brooklyn

We hope you enjoy your time in Brooklyn, whether you are just visiting or are here to stay, and found our list of pet-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn to be of help. Check out our lists of pet-friendly Airbnbs, hotels, restaurants, and off-leash dog parks too. Keep our appointment booking information handy when you are in Brooklyn, should you need to schedule routine or unexpected veterinary care for your pet. Our mobile veterinarians will come to you wherever you are in Brooklyn - your apartment, home, or hotel - so you can skip the chaotic car rides and transportation in the big city.

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