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9 Best Pet Sitters & Doggy Daycare in Baltimore, MD

Best Pet Sitters & Doggy Daycare in Baltimore, MD | BetterVet

Do you need someone to take care of your pet while you are away from home? While kennels, boarding facilities, and family members’ homes are viable options, you may not want to take your pet out of its home environment.

At BetterVet, we list some of the best Baltimore pet sitters and discuss their service areas and unique offers. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Rover          

Our first entry is not a pet-sitting company but a platform for private individuals offering pet-sitting services in Baltimore. When using Rover, you can browse pet sitter listings, which include verified reviews and each sitter’s service description, to find one that fits your requirements. All the pet sitters using Rover must pass a background check and undergo extensive vetting.

Some of the services available on Rover include dog boarding, overnight pet sitting in your home, dog walking, drop-in visits, and doggy daycare in Baltimore.

2. Caves Valley Pet Lodge

Caves Valley Pet Lodge, formerly Fur Paws Pet Care, is a dog boarding and pet sitting business in Columbia, which forms part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. This pet care family offers a wide range of services, including pet boarding, grooming, and training. Caves Valley Pet Lodge’s services also include in-house pet sitting.

Janice Aquino and her team have extensive pet care experience, including first aid. If you are apprehensive about leaving your dog or cat at a boarding facility, Caves Valley Pet Lodge has the solution.

3. Loving Care Pet & House Sitting Services

Loving Care Pet & House Sitting Services is a reputable pet-sitting business that has been active in the industry for 14 years. In addition to being fully licensed, bonded, and insured, Loving Care lives up to its name with a professional service that includes an in-depth consultation to learn more about your requirements.

In addition to caring for your dog or cat, Loving Care provides general home maintenance and upkeep while you are away.

4. Wagging Tails Pet Service

Wagging Tails Pet Service provides high-end pet-sitting services in Severn, Baltimore and the surrounding areas, including Odenton, Fort Meade, and Glen Burnie. Cherie Gerben, the friendly owner of Wagging Tails, has extensive experience providing in-home pet-sitting services. Her quick response time, attention to detail, and personalized services have earned her stellar online reviews.

Cheri offers a free initial consultation at your home to learn more about your requirements. She also offers additional services, such as plant watering and mail collection.

5. A Pet Sitter 4 U

If you are looking for an established and professional pet sitter with an excellent track record in Howard County, look no further than A A Pet Sitter 4 U.

With over 20 years of pet-sitting experience, this bonded and insured pet-sitting company has a National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) certification. You can also go on your trip with peace of mind that your pet sitter is Red Cross First Aid certified.

6. Fussy Gussy Pet Sitting, LLC

Fussy Gussy Pet Sitting, LLC offers pet-sitting services throughout Baltimore and the surrounding areas, including Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, and Howard County. In addition to pet sitting, this knowledgeable team also offers dog walking services, and they focus on maintaining your pet’s usual routine to eliminate the stress of your absence.

Schedule a free initial consultation if you want to learn more about Fussy Gussy’s services. During this meet-and-greet, your prospective pet sitter will get to know your pet and learn more about its everyday needs.

7. Pawsitive Pet Sitting

Pawsitive Pet Sitting has been caring for pets in Baltimore City since 1993. Stacey Perry, a veterinary technician, is Pawsitive’s owner, and she has all the necessary skills and experience to provide your pet with the care it deserves.

Stacey’s goal is to provide Baltimore pets with a stress-free alternative to boarding facilities. Her online reviews show that she pulls out all the stops to provide a top-quality house and pet-sitting service.

8. Walkie Paws

If you think Walkie Paws sounds like a dog walking service, you are right. However, pet lover Ileana, who owns Walkie Paws, is also a proficient pet sitter with practical knowledge of all pet care aspects.

When Walkie Paws takes care of your pet, you can expect regular text message updates for added peace of mind. Ileana will also provide references, so you know who takes care of your four-legged family members. 

9. Luv My Pet

Jeff Rothschild, a former financial adviser at Morgan Stanley, has a special love for pets and owns Luv My Pet, a pet-sitting and dog-walking company. Jeff’s pet-sitting services are available to pet parents throughout Baltimore and the surrounding areas, including South Baltimore, Canton, Rogers Forge, and Hampden.

Luv My Pet is a fully bonded and insured company, and you can have peace of mind that your pet will receive loving care and personal attention from Jeff, his wife Sarah, and the rest of their team. Luv My Pet also offers reliable house-sitting services, including alternative lights, fish feeding, plant watering, and mail collection.

Tips for Choosing a Baltimore Dog Sitter

Choosing the right pet sitter for your four-legged child can be challenging. How do you know that the sitter you choose will properly care for your dog?

Verified online reviews can provide valuable insight into a pet sitter’s reliability and service quality. At BetterVet, we recommend scheduling an initial consultation with each pet sitting you consider. During this in-home meet-and-greet session, pay attention to the interaction between your pet and the prospective sitter. Choose someone with whom your pet appears to be comfortable.

An initial consultation also lets you learn more about the sitter’s certifications, experience, and additional services, such as regular video calls or text message updates.

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