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Best Pet Photographers in Houston, TX

Best Pet Photographers in Houston, TX | BetterVet

As all pet parents know, taking pictures of your beloved fur baby is inevitable! Many of us have hundreds of pictures showing our furry family members, both candid and staged.

We all love to scroll back through these beautiful memories and show them off to friends and family. Though, sometimes it’s nice to have something tangible for our homes. To be able to hang a beautiful picture of your best friend on the wall, where it can have a place of honor, is a great way to celebrate your friendship. 

Our mobile vet team is all about keeping your pets feeling great, without you having to leave home. And If you are looking to capture some precious moments with your fur babies, professional pet photographers are the way to go.   

Why Use A Pet Photographer?

Taking pictures with cell phones is a massive part of our daily lives. Having a high-quality camera in our pockets at all times means we can catch those special moments as they happen.

However, as convenient as on-the-go photography is, nothing can compete with the quality and skill of a professional photographer.

Hiring a trained and experienced professional dog photographer means you get high-quality photographs of your pet. A professional will have a variety of different backgrounds, light filters, and props. Once the photos are taken, they can do digital touch-ups, ensuring they are as professional-looking as possible.

While it is very convenient to be able to print photographs at home, the image is often printed onto low-quality paper with ink that was never meant for photographs, resulting in an image of poorer quality that will fade over the next few months or years. Professional photographers produce high-quality, beautiful photos that will stand the test of time and provide you with a portrait of your beloved companion you will be proud to show off.

Finding The Best Houston Pet Photographers

When looking for a photographer for you and your pet, it is best to fully explore your options. You want to make sure that you and your choice of photographer share similar visions for what you want to get from the photo shoot. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have a chat with the photographer to ensure you are both on the same page. During this conversation, you will get an opportunity to talk with them about their shooting styles and view past work.

Houston is a large and vibrant city that has many different options for pet photographers. Some photographers have a wide and diverse portfolio showing off a variety of subjects, but for your pet’s photo debut, consider someone who works exclusively with pets to ensure you get the very best from the photoshoot.

Pet exclusive photographers will have the background knowledge on how to get the best photographs and produce the perfect piece of art to feature proudly in your home for everyone to see.

Who Are The Best Pet Photographers in Houston, TX?

As we have already acknowledged, there are many amazing photographers in Houston, TX but here are some of the best:

  • Megan Murray is a pet and pet parent photographer based in Houston, TX. She has many years of experience working with pets and their parents to get the best angles in beautiful photographs that you will treasure for many years to come.
  • Robyn Arouty has been working in the field of pet photography for over a decade and produces the most exquisite artwork of our furry friends. Her most famous piece - Marlow in Eyeglasses - is permanently installed in Terminal E of George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport.
  • Julia Bri started several years ago by taking pictures of her fur baby at the dog park, which started a passion for pet photography that has never gone away. She now helps pets and pet parents capture precious moments together.
  • John Glaser has been a photographer for almost ten years, and his particular specialty is black-and-white photography. His studio in Houston, TX allows pets and their parents to have their photos taken in a calm environment.

This is just a short list of the best photographers in Houston, TX. It is always best to do your research to see which professional will meet your requirements. Once you have found someone who you think will be the perfect match for you, the next step is to book a consultation to talk about what you want from a photography session. These sessions are very important as they will help you ensure you and your photographer have a similar vision in mind.

What To Do Before A Photography Session

Once you and your photographer have met and agreed on what is expected on the day of the shoot, it is important to ensure your pet is also happy and healthy. You want to make sure they are ready to show their best side to the camera.

To make sure your pet is in tip-top shape, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for them to have a health check before the day of the shoot.

Our BetterVet doctors will give your pet the best possible care and attention, and verify that your pet is ready to be the show star!

BetterVet Houston is a mobile veterinary service that can bring veterinary care to your home, which means your pet will be much less stressed out than when they come to a veterinary office. This also means the appointment can be arranged around your schedule.

Scheduling an appointment is convenient and it only takes a few moments. Arrangements for a video consultation or in-home veterinary visit can easily be made through our website or on our app.

Our doctors have many years of experience providing vaccinations, nutritional advice, various treatments, and more,  and will ensure the very best care for your cherished pet. Your pet will be photo-shoot-ready, so you can both enjoy your day in front of the lens.

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