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6 Best Pet Photographers in Austin, TX

Best Pet Photographers in Austin, TX | BetterVet

At our mobile veterinary services, we're dedicated to bringing top-notch pet care right to your door. Our services are designed to keep your furry companion healthy and happy. And when it comes to capturing those special moments, professional pet photographers are the way to go. Snapping pictures of your pet using your phone can be fun. However, if you want pet photos that you can print, frame, and hang on your walls, you should hire a professional pet photographer. Pet photographers use various tactics to photograph lively pets that refuse to sit still during photo shoots.

Where can you find the best photographer for your pet? In this guide, the team at BetterVet discusses the top Austin pet photographers to help you make an informed decision.

1. Fetching Fido Fotography

Jane Fidanza from Fetching Fido Fotography is a prominent name in Austin pet photography. Jane works with commercial and private clients to photograph pets of all sizes and breeds, and she specializes in studio portraits.

When working with Fetching Fido Fotography, you can expect a comprehensive solution beyond a photoshoot and a few image files. In addition to the photo sessions, Jane can help you design a gallery wall that fits all your requirements.

Do you want to incorporate a black-and-white theme or add dashes of color and personality to your photo wall? Jane will help you make your abstract ideas a reality. In addition to pet photography services, Jane donates her talents to local rescues and shelters.

2. ZilkerBark

If you need pet photography in Austin, look no further than ZilkerBark. Alex, Megan, and Jocelyn are talented photographers with an inherent ability to work with pets. Since Alex founded ZilkerBark in 2015, he has photographed over 30,000 dogs and raised more than $175,000 for non-profit organizations that help pets. 

The ZilkerBark pet photography Austin sessions generally take place outdoors, where Alex can capture your pet in their natural action and environment. ZilkerBark offers different session types, including the popular senior dog flower crown sessions. If you want to preserve your dog’s memories, schedule one of these photo sessions by reserving a custom flower crown.

3. Zoom Pet Photography

Do you want your pet photos to depict your everyday life with your pet at your side? Perhaps you want a pet portrait that doubles as fine art you can frame and hang in your lounge. Jay Herman and his golden retriever, Abby, are ready to provide your pet with a personalized photoshoot.

Jay will travel to any location where you want to capture your pet, including your home or your pet’s favorite walking trail. If you prefer a more traditional approach, you and your pet can visit the Zoom Pet Photography studio, where treats, toys, and props await you and your pet.

Zoom Pet Photography has an excellent track record among pet parents in Austin, TX. Schedule a photo session with Jay and Abby today.

4. Austin Furtography

Dan from Austin Furtography followed a unique journey that shaped his approach to pet photography. Dan enrolled at the Austin School of Photography to enhance his skills as a travel blogger. While completing his courses, he adopted Coco from Love-A-Bull, a pit bull rescue team in Austin.

Dan’s love for photography and Coco crystallized into a passion for pet photography, prompting Austin Furtography’s inception.

If you want to capture the bond between you and your pet, Austin Furtography is the best choice for you. Dan’s photos have a playful, bright quality, ideal for signifying the joy your pet brings into your life.

5. Fabulous Fur Photography

Allie from Fabulous Fur Photography is a gifted pet photographer, providing pet parents with beautiful photos. This process starts with an extensive consultation to plan every aspect of the session, including the location. During the planning phase, Allie wants to know everything about your pet so that she can bring the essence of your relationship to life in the photos.

After the session, Allie reviews and edits each image to perfection by “sprinkling a little magic.” This process can involve the digital removal of a leash, harness, people, cataracts, or background elements. The result is a picture-perfect, high-resolution photo of your furry friend.  

6. Norah Levine Pet Portraits

Norah Levine is a painter and a versatile photographer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Along with fine arts and audio portraits, Norah also offers pet portraits as prints, albums, digital images, and wall pieces.

According to Norah’s website, her aim with each session is to create an enjoyable experience and preserve the uniqueness of life. When looking at Norah’s extensive collection of pet portraits, it is clear that she achieves the goal with each photo session. Her pet photography is engaging and incorporates everyday elements in an artistic and captivating fashion.

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After reading this guide, you hopefully have the information you need to select a pet photographer that fits your requirements. At BetterVet, we believe that a photo session is a perfect way to spend time with your pet and create lasting memories.

In addition to quality time, your pet requires regular veterinary examinations to ensure a healthy, happy life. Our Austin veterinarian offers in-home checkups, which means your pet receives optimal care in the comfort of your home.

Whether your pet needs an annual checkup or treatment for a health condition, our caring team can help. Schedule a video consultation or home call with us today.

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