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6 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Houston, TX

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Houston, TX | BetterVet

As the 4th largest city in the country, Houston has a lot to offer travelers who want to explore the urban landscape with their dogs. Pets are part of the family. As such, many people like to travel with their fur babies to share the experience and create memories with the rest of the family. However,  pets can cause damage, and their fur or hair can be difficult to clean, leading to many hotels having a no-pet policy. However, some hotels in Houston allow you to come with your fur baby, but you will need to follow the rules they have established. 

At BetterVet, our team of skilled Houston, TX mobile veterinarians provides expert care, including wellness checkups, vaccinations, and more, right at your doorstep. We're always happy to offer you information that helps you fully enjoy your time with your pet, wherever you travel. That's why we've identified the best pet-friendly hotels in Houston, offering quality dog amenities for a comfortable stay. Check them out and trust us to keep your pet healthy and happy on all your adventures.

1. Hotel Derek Houston Galleria

Hotel Derek Houston Galleria is a luxury modern, pet-friendly establishment at the heart of Houston. It is ideally located to access parks where you can enjoy a walk with your dog or have it do its business. As a four-star hotel, it is ideal for both business and pleasure. 

Due to the hotel’s central location, it has a lot of foot traffic, meaning it has stricter pet policies than other hotels. To cope with this, they have a designated pet floor for all dog parents, including VIP treatment for your fur baby and easy outside access for dog walks. 

A $100 charge will be added to your reservation. You are only allowed 2 pets of no more than 65 pounds to join you in your pet-friendly room. A portion of the $100 pet charge will be donated to Houston SPCA (Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), which combats animal cruelty.

2. Hotel ICON

Hotel ICON was renovated and converted in 2004 from the Union National Bank Building. It is the ultimate symbol of business and hospitality. The hotel kept the original bank vault proudly displayed behind the check-in desk, adding pizzazz and overall appeal. They also have an autograph collection open to all pet parents. If you are looking for great rooms and exceptional service, Hotel ICON is the place to go. 

For an additional fee of $150 per stay, you can enjoy one of the best pet friendly hotels in Houston, TX. You can bring one dog of up to 70 pounds or two small dogs of up to 35 pounds each. All their rooms are pet-friendly, meaning you can choose and check into any room you like with your dog. 

The only downside with Hotel ICON is that they do not have any grass areas on their property. But if you want to take your dog to do its business or for a walk, there is a park two blocks away. 

3. Hotel Zaza Museum District

If you want to experience one of the most unique stays in Houston, Hotel Zaza Museum District may be what you are looking for. Designed like a museum, the hotel has a wide variety of concept suites to choose from. Hotel Zaza Museum District has everything from SoHo lofts, old Hollywood concepts, and geisha houses to more traditional rooms. If those concept suites do not meet your expectations, select one of their crown jewels, The Magnificent Seven Suites.  The Magnificent Seven Suites include some famous rooms, such as the Fatal Charms and Rockstar Suites that will surely provide you with an immaculate stay. Since Hotel Zaza Museum District is located centrally, you can access many of the parks in the city to take your dog for a walk.

With such amazing rooms and concepts, it would have been a shame if they were not pet-friendly. However, you can bring your pet and book any room you wish with an additional $150 charge per pet per stay.

4. The St. Regis Houston

With a 24-hour concierge and butler service, The St. Regis Houston is the epitome of luxury. It boasts large spacious rooms and a great view that ensure you enjoy your stay. But the luxury is not just for you; your pet will be treated like a VIP with its bed, bowls, and treats. 

You are only allowed one pet of up to 50 pounds at an additional fee of $200. Your pet should never be left unattended in rooms or hotel halls. Dogs are also not allowed in certain parts of the hotel. However, the hotel is very accommodating to dogs as they have a grassy pet relief area with a waste station. 

5. Omni Houston Hotel

Omni Houston Hotel recently reopened after a $30 million renovation project. It now has two stunning outdoor hotels, jogging and bike trails, a spa, and a whiskey bar. Watch out for their residential black swans, giving an aristocratic feel to the hotel. 

You are allowed only one dog for an extra $125 per stay, as long as he or she is 25 pounds or less. Pets must be kept in a crate during housekeeping or other hotel services. However, guide dogs for the blind are the exception to their pet policies. 

6. Aloft Houston by The Galleria 

Aloft Houston by The Galleria is a more youthful, upbeat hotel ideal for younger travelers looking to experience city life to its fullest. It has an amazing contemporary look and a social scene that few other hotels can rival. They are one of the few hotels in Houston that do not have an extra charge to check in with your dog. You can check in for free with a maximum of two dogs weighing no more than 40 pounds. Crated dogs may be left unattended in your rooms, and you can access treats at the front desk. 

Traveling with your pet can be a wonderful experience. However, you need to ensure you select Houston dog friendly hotels with policies convenient for you. Make sure you read the fine print and ask as many questions as possible before you book the hotel. 

Trust BetterVet to keep your pet healthy and happy, every step of the way.

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