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Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Baltimore, MD

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Baltimore, MD | BetterVet

Going on holiday can be an exciting endeavor, and it is only natural to want to bring your dog or cat along. However, finding suitable accommodations can be challenging. Fortunately, Baltimore, Maryland is home to several high-end hotels that welcome pets.

BetterVet makes pet travel a breeze with expert veterinary care on-the-go or from your home. Browse our list of pet-friendly hotels in Baltimore, MD with confidence knowing that medical attention is always within reach. Book a mobile appointment or a virtual one, and let us help keep your pet healthy and happy during your travels.

If you plan a trip to Maryland, this guide will help you select the ideal accommodation for your furry friend.

1. Hotel Revival

Hotel Revival is a popular boutique art hotel in Mount Vernon, Baltimore and a favorite among traveling pet parents. Each of this hotel’s rooms has a unique aesthetic appeal and features locally manufactured ceramics, antiques, and textiles. Guests can also enjoy beautiful views of Baltimore.

However, don’t let the lavishness fool you. Hotel Revival is dog-friendly and welcomes all dogs weighing less than 75 pounds. The hotel also works with the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) and houses dogs awaiting adoption. For every two nights or longer that guests decline housekeeping services, Revival will donate to BARCS.

2. Hotel Indigo

Originally Baltimore’s first YMCA, Hotel Indigo in Mount Vernon is a dog-friendly hotel with a convenient location. Hotel Indigo is within walking distance from Howard’s Dog Park and other must-visit destinations, such as the Walters Art Museum and the Washington Monument.

If you book via the hotel’s special pet getaway package, your dog can stay for free and receive The Dog Chef! treats upon arrival. Guests who don’t use the pet getaway package will need to pay an additional fee. At the time of writing, this fee is $25 per night, but it is subject to change.

3. The Ivy Hotel

The Ivy Hotel in Mount Vernon is ideal for pet parents who want to experience Baltimore’s rich historical culture. The hotel building is a mansion dating back to the 1880s and has 17 suites. Dogs weighing less than 25 pounds can stay in the Ivy Hotel, and you can take advantage of various benefits, including a dog bed, water bowl, and walking service.

Your pet is not the only one who will enjoy a luxury stay. The Ivy Hotel provides pet parents with a private car service, a turn-down service, and afternoon tea. This hotel is a viable accommodation option if you have a relatively small dog.

4. Kimpton Hotel Monaco

When asking about pet-friendly hotels in Baltimore, MD most will likely recommend the Hotel Monaco. This hotel had welcomed dogs since 1981, when its founder, Bill Kimpton, started bringing his dog to work daily.

Hotel Monaco is open to pets of all breeds, weights, and sizes, but you need to pay an additional accommodation fee. The hotel famously has a “director of pet relations” who will welcome your pet and provide a plush dog bed, water bowl, and food. The concierge can also provide a list of pet-friendly destinations and amenities.

5. Sagamore Pendry

Sagamore Pendry is a beautiful hotel in Fells Point near the Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium, Camden Yards, and a supply store.

The 1914 property features a garden courtyard and 128 spacious rooms, which are all pet-friendly. The waterfront pool deck features a seasonal bar and outdoor dining, contributing to the hotel’s popularity.

An additional accommodation fee is payable for each cat or dog, and you can request a free pet bed or water bowl to keep your pet comfortable during your stay.

6. The Four Seasons Hotel

The luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Harbor East is a Baltimore dog-friendly hotel with amenities that include a rooftop pool, a five-star spa, and on-site dining facilities. Guests can also use the fitness center, where personal trainers provide training assistance. The hotel has a convenient location and is a few streets from Baltimore’s waterfront, top restaurants, and the Baltimore Convention Center.

Cats and dogs weighing less than 25 pounds can stay free at the Four Seasons Hotel, and you can request sitting with advance notice.

7. Staybridge Suites Baltimore – Inner Harbor

Staybridge Suites Baltimore - Inner Harbor is a pet-friendly hotel in Baltimore, with a convenient location near the National Aquarium, the Baltimore Convention Center, and Oriole Park at Camden Yards. This hotel offers air-conditioning, free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, and a fully equipped kitchen with a coffee machine.

The hotel allows one or two pets weighing up to 80 pounds each at an additional but relatively affordable flat rate. Pets are only allowed on specific floors.

Tips for Staying in a Pet-Friendly Hotel

When booking accommodations at one of the pet-friendly hotels in Baltimore, your pet can stay with you in the room. However, even though a hotel accommodates pets, you need to ensure that your pet’s weight and size comply with the hotel policy. Some hotels also charge a nominal fee, non-refundable deposit, or flat rate to accommodate pets.

When scheduling a hotel stay for your pet, proper planning is crucial. If possible, try to book a room on the ground floor to make your pet’s toilet breaks easier and eliminate stressful elevator trips. Take blankets and waste bags with you to help keep linen and surfaces inside the hotel room clean.

You should only leave your dog alone in a room if permissible under the hotel rooms and if your dog doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety.

Under general standard pet-friendly hotel rules, pets must be:

  • Non-aggressive
  • Up to date on vaccinations
  • Clean and free of fleas
  • Well-behaved
  • Toilet-trained

When planning a stay in a pet-friendly hotel, ensure that your pet meets the above requirements to make your stay more comfortable.

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